Saturday, August 20, 2011

The First Post

Hello Readers,

Yippee, we are off and running. I moved house to Margs about a year ago. And, I love it. I still have biz to do in Perth and find myself traveling up and back quite frequently and miss it madly when I am away. Margaret River Correspondent is something I created to give me an excuse to get out to the restaurants, wineries and the environs. I had planned to do this on my own. But, luckily, Madge (her pseudonym), my very first girly mate (going back to grade 2 primary school), has lived down here for years and has offered to accompany me on these adventures. I am also hoping that Madge will give us some 'hot leads'!

Main Break

Madge has already been very helpful in this quest. And, I have met other people, who are lovely enough to share their local secrets.

I make no apology to refer or link our mates businesses or products. But, if we don't like it, we are not going to pass it on. I have no fear at this stage as the calibre of offerings down here is very high.

Madge and her hubby have a lovely chalet available for short stay accommodation on Isaacs Ridge. Perfect for a romantic holiday. The link will be available in the 'Stay' section. She also has a great house in Denmark available for short stay, if your going that way. I have stayed there and love it. Great for a family.

I, personally, don't have anything in Margaret River to offer you, yet, I would like to offer my humble, cosy shack in town, but not there yet (register your interest on the contact form if your interested), I can direct you to my sensational, short stay, apartment in Fremantle, obviously named  'The Esplanade Apartment, Fremantle'. See also the 'Stay' section of this blog.

It is obvious to some that I do love my food and wine. Luckily Madge has more control. I am hoping she can do the driving. We are a perfect compliment for this blog. I love the red wine and she loves the white. Our tastes are different and we are happy 'not' to agree. It's a lovely balance. She is a lovely friend.

Now Readers, (I feel a bit like Dame Edna), I must confess that I have a 'foot in each camp' in regards (I shouldn't use those words 'camp' and 'Dame Edna' in the same breath here) to loving two Towns. And, I know, you are asking... 'How can she live with herself'! But I can tell you, it's not easy!!!!  This blog is about having fun, it's about sharing, we invite you to join us. Cath

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