Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hail Margaret River!

Good Morning,

It's fricken freezin here in Margs at the mo. Mind you when I say freezing, I am talking 7C. Saturday was so warm and balmy, yesterday, the dark clouds arrived on the horizon and opened up above my corregated tin roof and rained, little, round hail stones. The air went very cold, the sky very dark, and I high tailed it onto the protection of the verandah. Down it came, I was a little worried when I saw the hail bouncing around the lawn like popcorn in a hot frypan. I suddenly thought of the car, and more importantly, the delicate, leafy vegetables. But, it was just a beautiful gesture from Mother Nature. I love feeling and seeing the differences in the seasons.

Cold, Windy & Wet
Miss Dish, A little wind swept

Days like these, deserve a latte from Sea Gardens Cafe at Prevelly. Such a fantastic view over the sea in wild weather. I have seen the whales from here when the sea is calm.
Sea Gardens Prevelly, nice & warm - inside

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