Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lost Week

Good Moaning to All,

Have just lost another week! Thanks to a spring virus. Nearly lost one of the dogs, Peri, to her desire to eat almost anything. Still not sure what it was. So my apologies for indulging in the Woe Is Me.......! I'm not sure if anyone has ever read that little philosophy? Ok, so if your feeling down, and too sorry for yourself, you must say this little mantra... and you have to say it with much drama and woefulness as you can muster, to add effect......

Oh... Woe is me.... ooooh Woe..
Oh... Woe is me.... oooooooh Woe..
Oh... Woe is me....!
repeat until you feel like a ning nong, and have a chuckle at yourself. Life needs to be looked at from another angle sometimes, when one is feeling like that. It can be extra hard to drag yourself out of a hole. But it's gotta be done.

I realised that being grounded again, was getting to me. I had lost the 'wow' in my life, and my sense of humour (as others were pointing out to me). I'm the sort of person who wakes up in the morning and bounces out of bed and says WOW,,, what a beautiful day! Aren't I the lucky one, and count my blessings, and everything is a blessing, the good and the bad. If something bad happens, then, it was supposed to happen so that I could learn from it. If something good happens, then that is a super duper bonus.

So, today is a day of climbing out of that hole, taking myself off to that beautiful seaside of ours, and allowing that Mother of an Ocean to heal me. Breathing in that ozone is apparently fantastic for you. And, I believe the surf is up. Must share with you though, Madge sent me an email, yonks ago, about the benefit of cutting an onion in half and leaving it in the bedroom, it is supposed to help rid the room of 'bad' things by absorbing them. I did that yesterday, I put one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. Hilarious, the whole house reeked of onion! But I felt strangely better. Not sure if it works but it doesn't matter. I kinda feel it did.

Whilst I was down, Madge was up......:)
She has been down to Old Kate Park, has taken heaps of photos and is writing a little piece about it. Madge has also sent in a photo from her session at Nailed@Margaret River, as I did request to see their hand'y work. Luckily it wasn't the 'one' finger, that I so often expect from her. So, good onya Madge, what a lovely hand and what a lovely nail job.....
Madge & A Palmolive Moment

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