Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Madge Enjoying Her Volunteer Ambulance Training - Scary!

WOW....what a fabulous day. I learnt how to drive an ambulance at high speed and then brake...we went out to the back country and on a gravel road....and I have to confess was feeling quietly nervous.  What an experience and what a feeling of relief that:
1. the vehicle held together
2. it actually stopped without skidding or flipping
3. my passengers (all ambulance people) survived.

I have sooooo much confidence now in myself, my fellow volunteers and my vehicle.

We had a slight interruption to the day...5 ambulance volunteers, 1 paramedic, and a runaway tyre down Willmott Avenue. A passerby stopped the tyre with his leg and unfortunately for him he ended up with a very painful leg injury...but he was a hero and no doubt saved another person, or car from serious injury...Lucky for him though, we were on the scene in less than 2 mins and between us all managed to give him the best attention any "one" person has ever received. Madge
Discussing the mechanics of the MK6
Wow...that was some "skid"...
Feeling pleased that we all survived

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