Thursday, October 20, 2011

Margaret River Mojo

Good Morning Groovers,
Watch out, Im getting my Mojo back! (Feelin abit Austin Power -ish) I think the 'lurgy' has evolved into a major hay fever episode. And, it is no wonder, every plant is covered in flowers. And, it seems that every flower has a bee! It's one of my favourite seasons, everything is bursting with life. A joyful thing.

Have been out into the garden to take some photos for you. I fertilised on the weekend and went to Perth for a few days. I am always surprised to see how the garden grows in only a few days. Check it out...
The Vege Patch This Morning
State of the nation:
The dogs have survived. Peri had toxic hepatitis. Still not sure what it was from. But starting to think it is a cortison tablet she takes every day. She and I suffer from hay fever, so we took her off the little green pill and have put her on Zyrtec. She has the odd itch, but is so much happier. I am on two Telfast 180's, should be once a day. BUT. Dish, it turns out has a bad back! And, apparently was enough to give her enough pain to 'up chuck'. My chiropractor in Perth, Kevin Carlson, offered to give her a spinal manipulation, she was very dubious of the whole procedure, but, you can see a huge difference, and she is so much happier. Thankyou Kevin.
More Vege Patch
The Garden. Jobs are, more fertiliser, more mulch, heaps more mulch. I reckon we are in for a hot summer. I want to plant more Kale. Loving my green smoothys, they just make you feel so vital. The body loves it. Cant plant carrots, as Peri risks, life & death (and a good smack) for pulling them up and eating them. More weeding. The Kikuyu grass runs rampant. The poor lemon tree is under constant attack. I once pulled up a Kikuyu runner that was so thick and woody I thought it was the lemon tree root. I also need to tidy up, and take a heap of things to the tip.

I am making that shed, a garden shed, as it shelters the Quendas (a little short nosed bandicoot - tooo cute these little critters), the rabbits and the lizards. There is just one huge burrow under the floor boards and they make everything in there v dusty. So, an open hutch, masquerading as a garden shed. You can see it here supporting the most amazing Lady Banks Rose.
The Rabbit Hutch/Garden Shed
But, before I can play in the garden, I've got book work to do.... I am so workin hard to get myself out of that stuff. I just want to go to the beach and do some Stand Up Paddle Boarding and swim with the dogs. And, explore the environs. Have booked Must for dins in the next couple of days as have a girlfriend coming to stay, and this is one of her favourites (I so appreciate them squeezin us in). I also want to book Cullen's for lunch, another of our favourites. We want to go to Windance and Churchview Wineries to try their wines. And, of course, the markets are on. I have to check out the Fun Run dates, that could be on and also the Margaret River Show. Too many fab things to do. But... back to the office. Cath
The other side of The Shed
*Just In From Madge, They Are At The Beach!*
Prevally Now
Beach Envy
A report, just in, apparently a car has just gone in the water off the boat ramp at Gnarabup! Ooooh dear, very soggy!
That's a Car In The Water! Ooops!

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