Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Yummy RAW Score!

Well I scored!

It's Margaret River Farmers Market - Market Day. Im excited, I have my shopping list and arrive with my trusty camera. Recently, I have become interested in the RAW Food thingy (not sure what to call it). But it makes sense to me, the more active enzymes your body consumes the better your health. And, enzymes in your food are killed when cooked above a certain temperature.  Why I feel I scored, is that today, I found a lass that has a stall selling RAW pizza. You will have to go and try it for yourself. Its very filling and Im still munching away on my yummy find.
RAW Pizza from RAW-KY
I also bought some delicious RAW Chocolate, Honey Macadamia and another with Goji Berrys, from Caterina's WildRaw.
Caterina from WildRaw
Then found some beautiful Muesli's at Mika Muesli. Its gently toasted with Maple Syrup, is wheat and fruit free. Will see if Madge & Hubby can sample. I would like to put it in my Short Stay accommodation 'The Esplanade Apartment, Fremantle' for guests who stay a week or more.
Mika Muesli
Madges Hubby, was found buying the Crumbed Sardines from the Fisherman. I thought it would be wonderful for us all to have dins at my place, MH can cook the Sardines, I can make a salad with the lettuce from the garden, steam some local asparagus bought at the Markets. To finish, there is a lovely looking Apple Pie bought from this smiley fella, I think his name is Frank Palandri.
Frank Palandri (I think)& his Apple Pie's

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