Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What A Full On Weekend!

It was a full on weekend down here at Margaret River this weekend. I am still recovering. It all started with Valmai's birthday on Friday, and yummy lunch at Must. Then Mum arrived. And then Dins at Must, yum again.

The next morning was the Margaret River Farmers Markets. I noticed a few different stalls this week. The lass with the Cordials, I am definitely going to buy some this coming weekend. The fella with those beautiful flowers and the lady with the plant seedlings in little hand made paper pots, very cool.

Myrtles Majic
How colorful is this stall? That is a friends daughter giving us a beautiful and fun smile under the rainbow. The cordials look divine. Im going to buy the Mulberry this coming weekend. Also, not sure if you can see those old bicycle wheels. Myrtles clan scour the beaches for flotsam and make these gorgeous decorative wheels out of old washed up ropes. They look fantastic and are for sale. 
Buckets of Spring
I am a sucker for these flowers. These are local wild flowers and they are just 'to die for'. Beautifully composed. They add more joy to any home. Love the moustache as well.
Little Seedlings In Little Paper Pots
Robyn's Heritage Vegie Seedlings, V Cool
Am making some space in the garden for some of Robyn's seedlings this weekend. Would love some carrots, but Peri jumps into the garden and pulls them up and eats them! Goodness knows how Robyn has the patience to make all those paper pots by hand. Apparently you plant the pot and all. Couldn't be any easier than that?

Mum and I bought a couple of pastry snails from The Margaret River Bakery Stall for breakfast, which didn't last long enough to be photographed. (They also make the largest, yummiest looking Meringues I've ever seen, might buy some for Christmas) We bought lemons, crumbed sardines for dinner, and then some of our favourite soap.
The Margaret River Bakery Stall
We then wandered down the road to the actual Margaret River Bakery at the bottom of the main street. They have a lovely selection of pies, and wraps and pastries and cakes. And, they make a lovely latte. I took a couple of not so good photo, but I will give them to you anyway.
The Margaret River Bakery
Quirky and Lovely Latte
What happened after that was really weird! I'm a bit dyslexic and find it hard to read too much text. I really want to know more about the history of Margaret River. So, I thought I would enlist my Mother, who, can devour a novel in a weekend, loves history and is currently working on our family tree. She wanted to go to the bookshop and I thought this was my chance to introduce my request for her to do the research for me.

We ended up in the Margaret River Bookshop, talking to Keith. He shows us a beautiful book called 'A Garden On the Margaret' written by Gillian Lilleyman. Keith's father is shown in an old photograph as a little boy. It turns out that Mums Uncle worked for Keith's family on a station north of Carnarvon! I wanted to buy the book, but Mum ended up buying the book. We came home to chill, Mum settling down to read the book. Next thing, she says "OMG! this is too weird, there is a photo in here of the girls I nursed with!" It was taken in Geraldton (where I was born) and she wasn't in it because she had just got married and apparently you couldn't nurse if you weren't single. How bizarre is that. It blew us both away. We have decided to put a new page on the website called stories. Too many great stories to tell.

THEN, we take ourselves off to lunch. I have booked Cullens. Before lunch I wanted to check out Windance Winery. BUT, as Im driving up Caves Road, I feel compelled to check out Moses Rock. I love it out there. Beautiful scenery of the coast, granite rocks, crashing waves, kangaroos. So, we are driving down the road, I stop to take a photo, and notice something, I couldnt make it out at first, but it turns out to be a 'horse and buggy' coming up from the beach! A great photo opportunity, me thinks. Anyway, as they get closer, I realise it's my old neighbour from Perth and Gus, their Wire Haired Daschund (who is like a member of my family). I cant believe it. Another weird happening.
Moses Rock 'What Is That'?
Chance Meeting with My Old Neighbour, & Gus with Friends
So, on we go to Windance Winery, more toward the Yallingup end of Caves Road. How cute is this little winery. Earnest. Rambling, chooks, vege garden, doggie, lovely wine. I have had a few glasses of their Reserve Shiraz at Must, so I walked away with a couple of bottles of it. Mum walked away with a couple of the whites.

Windance Winery Cellar Door
Windance Chooks, The Roosters Coop & The Hens Coop
So, finally, I am so ready for lunch. Cullens, yahoo! Always good. I have been hesitant to write about these restauraunts from past experiences. I wanted to have some fresh tastings and fresh photo's. Alot can change in a few months. Mum and I both had the Whiting served on Risotto. You will have to go and try it yourself. Very yummy. You won't be disappointed. I tried to take a photo. Hopefully, I will get better at it.
Yum, The Whiting, Cullens
Then we went home. Mum, chilled out, and I spread the mulch under the Olive Tree. I am having trouble remembering what we had for dins. Ah, it was the Crumbed Sardines, and lemon wedges from the Farmers Markets. Finished off with a light vege smoothy (Mum very dubious about this, she drank it, with a strange look on her face). A lovely meal. A lovely day. Sweet dreams.

Now, Madge on the other hand..... goodness knows what she runs on. She worked at the Margaret River Show and the Fun Run with her volunteer work. And, still managed to work her regular job, and, not to forget the family. (She's a 'spick and span' girl). Madge has posted heaps of photos of the Fun Run on Facebook, so go check them out. I am going to start posting more photos there as well, when I can figure out how to do it on mass. Cath

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