Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Amanda's Challenge Cath #2

This is my second response to Amanda's Challenge, I don't think most people would know this about me.

Whilst Madge was 'strutting her stuff' in a pair of lethally high heels and a 'itsy bitsy tini weeni, pocker dot bikini' on the 'cat walk'..... Cath was zipped up in a neck to ankle, wet suit, and being taught to 'ditch and retrieve' a double hosed scuba tank!!!

& Family friend, Jack Sue, war veteran, leading aircraftman, Z Force (RAAF), was giving me instruction(a tad over qualified, I would say)! Hence, in a time when we had the new technology of 'single hose'd scuba tanks', Jack was giving me the 'tough' lesson. When, the rest of the class, were bobbing around and duck diving for their 'single hose tanks' in the diving pool at Beaty Park, Jack was standing by the side of the pool watching me 'learn the hard way' with the double hose. A compliment and a gift as I see it.

I spent quite alot of time with Jack and the family, Anita, his daughter, a close friend. We travelled to the old Z Force headquarters in Cairns. And dived on the Great Barrier Reef. Drove north of Perth to Exmouth. Diving all the way. Anita and I spent many hours in the back of basic jeep, bumping over sandy roads to get to a secret diving spot. Very special.

Great memories of staying with our families in their beach house at Yanchep, he painted it, what he called 'nipple pink'! Quite outrageous in those days. I think it still is painted the same colour.

I can't scuba dive these days to save my life. I do love free diving though, swimming with or without a mask.

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