Sunday, November 13, 2011

Amanda's Challenge

Good Mornin,

Have the cup of tea. Dogs have eaten, the rabbits have been chased out of the yard and now the girls are satisfied all is, as it should be have gone back to sleep and are snoring again on the bed. All is good.

It's overcast, and warmish, that bite'y chill has gone out of the air. Doesn't look like much wind, although the BOM say about 10 knots, it is picking up a bit.
Today,0830 Sunday Morning, Rabbit Patrol
Amanda's Challenge
My blogging teacher, Amanda Kendle, through UWA Extension Classes, has given Madge and I a challenge which is for us to write about '10 things people don't know about us'! Sounds easy enough, and reading Amanda's list, you'd think it was a cinch. But , (and, I will speak for Madge here as well, as I get a feeling she is feeling the same way) it has left me feeling like I am an uninteresting person. Which, God forbid is not true, please tell us it's not true!

It's been on my mind. And, with so much worry about 'identity theft', 'one' has to be a little careful about what 'one' puts 'out there'! Madge and I have both thought that we are pretty much 'up front' people in the sense, that there isn't alot that we 'hide', and I suppose if we choose to hide something, then there must be a reason for it. I feel I'm getting a bit D&M at the mo. But, really it is interesting. So I suppose this has to be superficial and fun. This exercise will still be 'very telling' and will start to paint a picture of our personalities. So here goes, it might take us the year to think of things, so it could be a slow process.

I instantly thought of my life story. Madge was struggling and I suggested that most people wouldn't know about her early Modeling career. She, is tall and gorgeous and, even in primary school, had poise. Reminds me of that song 'The Girl From Ipanema' (check out the link to wikipedia there is a cool little sound sample on it). These are her words;

I actually never wanted to be a model....believe it or not - too shy...but one day I went to meet a friend Loretta at her modeling class and before I knew it I was on the catwalk.....5 years later I had won Junior Model of the Year; photos in the paper which my high school friends stirred me about, modeling at the Perth Royal Show, Bridal Shows AND I was - ( for those of you who remember the Daily News - nightly newspaper ), Tits on Page 3.....not something my parents expected.....MADGE (1 down 9 to go)

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  1. Well with this for the first bit I can safely say Madge does not qualify as an "uninteresting person". And having met you, Cath, I can safely say the same applies to you. Look forward to the rest!!



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