Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Checking In, Cyril The Slug Slayer & Noofi's For Lunch

I'm in seventh heaven - again. Doesn't take much for me, in bed, cup of tea, sun streaming through the trees, a little chill in the air, happy dogs, my computer on my lap, blogging! Joy.

Im very excited about Cyril, 'The Slug Slayer'. I found him yesterday sunbathing on a Brussel Sprout leaf. He is lookin really really fat, and I am praying it's because he has beeb eating those yicky slugs. Gardens, the Earth for that matter are such fragile environments. I instantly worry about him getting plucked off that leaf by a bird, or being eaten by the cat (shock horror) that the dogs and I saw yesterday stalking the rabbits (that would be Roger, as in Roger Rabbit).
Cyril, The Slug Slayer
Cyril is on the bottom right of the photo
Had a fantastic lunch out at Noofi's, previously known as 'The Chef'. She is a sensational cook and this particular lunch with friends was no exception. For entree, a smoked salmon and avocado timbal. Noofi roasted the loin of pork in the weber and served that with a mango salsa, white and green asparagus and baby potato's. Dessert, a ricotta cheesecake with red grapes simmered in honey. YUMMMMM. I was out numbered by the white drinkers, but that was ok, because I got a chance to have a few glasses of the Reserve Shiraz that I had bought from Windance.
Miss Rosie
Cubby House or Castle In The Bush at Noofi's

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