Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Compare & Contrast In Margaret River

Wow, what a difference in the weather, last week it was so warm and sunny I put the airconditioning on cool for a couple of hours. Threw the doona off and shooed away the mozzies. This week, the doona is back on, the mozzies have been blown away by the squally winds and the plants are getting lots of water from the pelting rain.

Either way, BEWARE... there are a whole heap of grumpy surfers.... no surf...!!!!
Yesterday, Looking Up To Surf Point Nov11
Last Week, Looking Up To Surf Point (shot taken same place) Nov11 
Full on at the mo. Don't seem to have time to think about cooking myself a decent meal. Sunday, I ate about 3 cups of almonds, and a bowl of 2 minute noodles, accompanied by a couple of glasses of wine. Last night, I made an effort and prepared one of my favourites, rice with sardines, also accompanied by a couple of glasses of wine! I'ts not just rice and sardines, it was brown basmati (tried for the first time, yum); mizuna leaves (very spicy and mustardy), freshly shelled, raw broad beans, both from the garden; pickled chinese cabbage from where my father was born in Tienjian, China; chilli and then the sardines. I love it. Last week, I prepared it for Mary Q, and 'shock - horror', she liked it!?

My Blogging teacher, Amanda Kendle, has put a challenge out to Madge and myself to write about 10 things people don't know about ourselves or things about Margaret River. I guess two of my things would be that, firstly, most people would not know that I like to eat weird food.. I think that goes back to my Father and his early childhood. He was interned in Japanese Prisoner Of War camp in Shanghai. Food was scarce, so he has tried to develop our palates to accept a broad range of foods.

The second thing that most people wouldn't know, is that I, not only have some Chinese heritage, there are a whole heap of nationalities makin up this bod. Belgium; Dutch; English; Russian! Have some interesting family histories. Recently discovered that Mum's family were some of the early settlers in this region, coming to Vasse, just up the road. Makes you wonder why your drawn to a place. Genetic memory perhaps?
Prevally Coastal Walk Nov11

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