Saturday, November 12, 2011

Driving Under A Mackerel Sky

I remember Deepak Chopra saying, that he thought it was a good idea, before falling asleep, to remember and recall the events of the day. Can't remember why it was a good idea precisely. Because, the minute I put my head on the pillow, Im OUT! Lights out! No one home, gone somewhere else, instantly! So, I've been putting a few miles under the volvo carriage. And, it's the next best thing for some thinking time!

The three hours from Perth back to Margaret River is a nice thinking zone. I was driving 'under the mackerel sky, and wondering about the weather and how that sky might manifest itself. I also, was trying to 'Deepak Chopra' like, work through my week;

  • A trip to Perth
  • Char Kway Teow, two nights in a row from the Wembley Food Court - V Yum
  • Had to move furniture, thanks for the help Gilli.
  • Cleaning
  • Meetings
  • Spilt nail polish remover on Mums carpet (I'm waiting to get the strap for that! Owweee!)(sorry Mum)
  • Nearly collected a poor bloke on a scooter, Broome St, Cott, a totally blind spot in the car. Poor bugger, I gave us both a shock.
  • Nearly collected a hawk on the highway, he was so focused, on picking up 'whatever' it was, right in front of the car, I'm doing 110kms an hour, I have no idea what he was doing, but I didn't even break and he managed do his thing, seeming to know exactly what all those precise calculations should be and flew off.
  • Drove down the South West Highway through Pinjarra and Harvey. Got to see lots of lovely cows, I love cows.
  • Dins with Sid, at the Federal Hotel, Collie. Classic old country pub in the main street. Stark fluro lighting, pressed metal ceilings, chicken parmigiana. A couple of glasses of house shiraz. Lots of jovial people. A lovely night.
  • And, I've been at home, cleaning, ever since.

Wandered over to the Farmers Markets this morning for a 'Snail' from the Margaret River Bakery, and long black. Nice to be home.

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