Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nothing Like A Bush Walk To Clear The Head

This is an intermittent post...

Just had to have a walk. Said some harsh words to a friend and whilst I stand firm, I am saddened that I may lose a valuable friendship. I can be harsh. Have been nicknamed 'train smash' and 'shark attack'!

Those bush walks are just gorgeous. The trails around the river and traversing the area, from Cowaramup, through Margs, and I think they almost go down to Voyager Estate in the south. Not to mention, the Cape to Cape. I just walk out my door, dogs leading the way, down the road past Chopper (I think he's a pitbull) & Old George (the rabble rousing labrador), and into the bush, along little tracks to the river and back around another route and home again. Very healing. But, as I walked, the fallen trees and the smell of the woodland reminded me of a joke Kevin, my Chiropractor in Perth told me:

Two mushrooms at a BBQ, one turned to the other and said "you look like a Fun-gi!"
Miss Harri, On The Trail
Fallen Logs

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