Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunflower Animal Farm

I have to tell you about this funny little farm. Located about 10 minutes out of Margaret River on Caves Road. I have driven past it so many times and wondered what it was like. Well Mary Q, Sid, kids and I gave it a visit last week. I loved it, and have waited to share this on its own little post.
Sunflower Animal Farm Nov11
When 'The Chefs' grandkids come to stay with her from Perth, they come here every day! I can see why. These guys have, as they say, an Animal Farm, just set up for people to pat and hold and experience a huge range of animals. As you walk in, there is a cockatoo, that talks, dances and bites, there are baby chickens, baby rabbits and guinea pigs to hold, just too cute and definitely not just for the kids, I was overjoyed. I also vowed that I would bring myself down here if I was feeling like I needed a charge.
Pommie The Corella Nov11
His name is Pommie and he talks, and you are easily sucked in by his request for a cuddle! He bit two people whilst I was there. It was mild, but he does set you up. So funny that he has this wicked sense of humour. The kids were wiser than the adults.

Mind you the kids were bitten by the guinea pigs when they were held too tight! A fantastic opportunity for children to interact with all sorts of animals that they can hold. I was watching some tourists, and the whole experience was blowing the kids and the adults away. Sunflower do it very well. You can buy some food in buckets and wander around their vast property to meet, feed and pat all these lovely critters, who all seem friendly.
Moi With Guinea Pig, (I want to take him home) Nov11
Too Cute! He (I think) would do anything for a carrot!
We went in the morning, which, I reckon is a great time to go, not too hot. Sunflower Animal Farm is a little ramshackle, but very clean and tidy, loads of character and run well. I did not notice any flies. Even if you don't have kids with you, and you love animals, go and cuddle a rabbit, it will change your day.

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