Friday, December 16, 2011

Cath's 5 Goodies for the Margaret River Christmas Hamper

Some of the lovely Christmas gifts I have bought in the Margaret River Region
Cath's Top 5 Christmas Hamper Musts;

*  A lovely bottle of Margaret River Shiraz
*  My favourite plunger coffee
*  A bottle of fruity olive oil
*  Christmas fruit cake
*  A book about the Margaret River region

I have made a big effort this year to buy local Margaret River produce and also buy products from local retailers. I have had a lot of fun visiting all the shops and will bring you more in the weeks ahead about who is offering what and where. Lots of exciting things happening here. I love it!

I chose a bottle of Windance Reserve Shiraz. Mum and I went up to their winery after I had bought a bottle at Must Restaurant one evening having dinner with Noofi. I love their vineyard and cellar door, very earnest and rustic. I love that coastal bushland. The dog laying in the cool of the winery, the chooks clucking away in their hutch under the peppies. I spoilt myself with 2 bottles and Mum bought a couple of bottle of their white.
Windance Estate Wines - Yallingup
Windance Estate Wines - Yallingup, cellar door
Madge and I both chose Yahava coffee. My favourite is the plunger grind called Romeo No.5. It is packed with flavour and very smooth. Smells divine. I buy my Yahava from IGA down the road. They incidently support a huge range of local produce. A big gold star and hug to them. You can also drive a couple of K's south, down the Bussell Hwy to Yahava to enjoy a freshly ground and brewed coffee.
Yahava KoffeeWorks

I am also in love with the organic olive oil made by 34 Degree's South. It really is fruity, and well balanced. I have bought a bottle for my hamper and shocked to see I have run out of it in my larder. I also buy that at IGA, but many food retailers supply it here and in Perth I have noticed. It is delish.
34 Degree's South

I couldn't resist buying a couple of Christmas Fruit Cakes from Margaret River Bakery. Their packaging is too cute. They have baked some smallish, delish cakes and popped them into divine tea cups with saucers and then wrapped them very prettily in cellophane. Gorgeous! They produce a quality yummy product. Love their stuff, they also make a ripper latte.
Margaret River Bakery on Facebook

One could go overboard with 'things Margaret River' to include in a hamper, and a trip to the Town Square Markets, The Margaret River Growers Markets and the Handmade Markets will test your will power in that regard.

So, after thinking about things to eat and drink, I thought it would be good to indulge in some food for the mind. After a visit to the Margaret River Bookshop, Mum and I walked away with a beautiful book called 'A Garden On The Margaret, A Path To Old Bridge House' written by Gillian Lilleyman (Mum has a story about this book, but that for later) and I (dont tell her) bought her a book which she was lusting over 'Wild Flower Country, Discovering Biodiversity in Australia's South West'. Your going to kill me because, I have wrapped this present already and can't make out the authors name in the photo. My apologies to the authors. It is a beautiful book and as Mum and I are both into photography and nature, we are both going to spend time pouring over these very full pages. The bookshop is very good. They have a large range of books about the Margaret River region. And recently they have added the ABC selections. Well done Keith and crew.
Margaret River Bookshop and Internet Cafe

So, that was a very hard exercise, to choose 5 things. I would also like to add some other gift ideas;

*  Tickets to the Movies In The Vineyard @ Cape Mentelle. We went there last New Years Eve. It was a great idea.
*  Trip out to the wineries they have great jewellery, wine associated products and clothing, Leeuwin and Voyager come to mind. Pallandri made a great double shot latte yesterday and had a great range of hand bags, along with other giftware. Not to mention all the great wines to buy.
*  Book some accommodation for visiting family, we all know of somewhere special, so much to choose from.

Merry Christmas every one.

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