Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas,,, Yahoooo!

Hello All, Merry Christmas :) it's shopping time!

Madge and I have been thinking about what to recommend to put into the Christmas hampers. We are thinking, support the Margaret River Region, explore and enjoy. So many shops, so many markets; The Town Square, The Farmers Markets and this weekend the Home Made Markets in Tunbridge St.

'Smile and the World will smile with you', give your joy to others in this community that need your support at this time. Cath
A Saturday Morning @ The Margaret River Growers Markets
Madge's Top 5 Christmas Hamper Musts;
"5 things I would put in a hamper for a friend......Madge

*  A bottle of "Arthur Wines" -Fortified Wine
*  Margaret River Goats Cheese
*  Some biscuits / sourdough bread
*  Nougat and chocolates
*  A nice Yahava coffee

1.Of course, something to drink. There are lots of wines to choose from in the Margaret River area. I think I would like to support new and upcoming businesses, so when the product is available, and I know it will be soon, and will be good, I would like to put in a bottle of "Arthur Wines" -Fortified Wine...

2. Of course we need some cheeses - I just love Margaret River Goats Cheese from Cowaramup.  You can get just about any cheeses you like these days. 

3. Some biscuits / sourdough bread from our local community.
The Margaret River Bakery
4. Now for something sweet. Nougat and chocolates. Which one...its Xmas who cares about the diet. I will have both.

5. Where do finish but with a nice coffee. We all have different tastes and as with all things - coffee comes in many varieties these days.

The obvious place to fill your basket is to go to the link below..everything is in one place.

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