Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Well, it's hilarious to me. You should have been there....

I'm writing this one handed, a piece of nougat in the other.. alright, shifting to two.. check this out, Madge and I this morning at Prevally... in Madge's words...
"remember the toothpaste TV advertisement where they couldn't show you the professional dentists face, so they showed only his back".

Well this is the same situation....

Cath and Madge are two professionals who can't show you their faces......so we are showing you their backs AND sandy bottoms instead." Madge
A Doctored Photo by the Doctor, Edited by Madge, of Madge & Cath, Prevally, Dec 2011
These photos were taken by Madge's hubby, 'The Doctor', a sick sense of humour I am thinking. They were taken today, and it was a beautiful day down at Prevally, but, Madge has been playing with the editing and if you look at the photo, I'm the only one with a sandy arse! (Why has 'she' got all the stars???) Madge on the left, is the 'girl from Iponema' and Im her short, sandy arsed, cousin (not literally), who, obviously, has indulged in too much Christmas Cheer! I actually hope everyone has had a ripper Christmas. The following are a few photo's of this morning. Cath
Madge & Cath (Im the sandy arsed one)
A Hello from Madge & Cath, Margaret River Correspondents, and bewildered dogs, Dec 2011
Dish, Peri & Subi, Dec 2011
Looking toward Gnarabup, Dec 2011

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