Sunday, December 18, 2011

Margaret River Correspondent Reporting In

Hello Folks,

Life is so full on. It could be the crazy Christmas period. They don't call it the 'silly season' for nothin!

So, what have I been up to this week, thinking about the highlights?! Im sitting with a Pure Blonde White beer (lowish carb), very nice, not a Margaret River beer, but that's ok. Have tried the beers out at The Cowaramup Brewing Company, all good, my favourite would be the white. They have a lovely little beer tasting 'plate'.

Anny whoo... getting back to my week. Sid has put me on the Body Trim diet, just in time for controlling the Christmas Cheer! The diet sounds quite reasonable. Haven't been able to get my dvd to work until the last couple of days, so on dvd1, it's all about 6 smallish serves of protein, cutting down on the carbs, and in the first week just doing a half hour of walking, per day.
The coast walk, Dec 2011
Had a great walk up the coast walk, Gnarabup to Prevally, a swim under the headland in a lovely kind of pool and walked back some of the way in the soft sand!! It is a decent walk. Did reward myself with a double shot latte at the White Elephant.
My little swimming hole
An up date on the garden... still can't get the guys to come and fix my retic, only half my stations were coming on. I got so frustrated, I pulled the system off the wall, restripped the wires, reconnected all again, and now, none of the stations work, puck!

The vege patch has gone to seed. So, now it all has to come up and go into the compost. I love it when it goes to flower and then seed, all the bees visit, and then the birds. And, I kinda like the cottage garden thing, where random plants pop up and you let them.
Vege Patch Gone Wild, Dec 2011
Unfortunately, I think Wodger the Wabbit has gone to the big cooking pot in the sky. We loved Wodger. My neighbour must have taken advantage of my trip to Perth and potted him. Poor Dish has been waiting for the rabbit to appear from behind the shed, but alas. She is quite sad.
Dish & Peri looking for Wodger, Dec 2011
I haven't seen Cyril the slug slayer either. He very well is loitering under the Brussel Sprout plant. One of my vege patch lessons has been 'not to plant everything so close to each other'! It's a jungle in there.

Put my hand up to help photographically document the regeneration of the coast after the fires. Im very excited about that. It will be very interesting to see how the new growth returns. I have noticed, walking along the beach, quite a few lizard tracks to the sea weed. Their habitat has been burnt and they have turned to what the sea washes up to nourish themselves.
Looking down to Prevally, Dec 2011
Drove out to Gracetown, such a beautiful coastline. No surf this day. A couple of fishing boats coming in. Also, didn't realise how close the fire had come to these guys, the burn zone very noticeable bordering the township!
Gracetown, Dec 2011
Gracetown, Dec 2011, you can see evidence of the fire above the town site
Dinner at Wino's with Noofi and friends. Very yummy, they have a tapas'y type of thing, we had scallops, duck, cut chips, beetroot salad, prawn tagine. Some equally yummy wines.

Dinner at Sid's with the girls, very healthy chicken and steamed vege's (some silverbeet from my garden), very yummy also. You can see I love my food.

Made myself some dhal, again, using some of my silverbeet. I made it just for myself and it is so hot it would blow your head off. But I like it like that.

Made dinner for Madge and The Doctor, following Sid's diet, I compiled a Aristos whisky cured smoked salmon and prawn salad. An early night.

Made it a mission to shop and buy my Christmas items in Margaret River. So had a lovely time wandering around. You can buy it all in Margs. I was impressed. Finished off the shopping at the HandMade Markets yesterday morning, good variety and selection quality products, all very individual.
Where's Wodger
Still, No Wodger!

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