Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today in Margaret River

Highlights of my day........

Just watching 'Getaway" on telly, they are doing a section on 'the best beaches of Australia'. Very good. I am extra lucky to have been on most of them. I love them all. I love Australia. How amazing is this country! We still have pristine waters, squeeky untouched sand, sometimes you are the only person on the beach! I realise that sometimes we have little, and big things, that bite... but you get that. I have been up creeks in a dinghy and come out with a  'pig pen' type cloud of sandflys engulfing me. I have swum in waters shared by crocodiles, sharks, huge stingrays, dolphins, snakes and worse, pollution. I can't believe I made it this far, looking back.

Getaway are also doing their segments on 'the special deals'. Just thinking about how the 'Fires' have affected the tourism industry in the Margaret River area. It could be, if you haven't booked your hols for January, or perhaps you could change your plans, but this little community could use your help, so, it could be possible to get a great deal down here in the South West, try it.

Watching this program is bringing the 'wanderer' out in me again. God forbid! I do miss the east coast. I have spent some many fabulous years exploring the coast line of Australia. Some 20 odd years  Over There! But to be honest, like dogs, I love 'all' dogs, I love 'all' of Australia. There aren't many bad bits, its mostly allllll gorgeous....! I think you can tell now that I have had a glass or two of red, as Im starting to wax lyrical and love the world. I did before the red, but now Im wanging on about it.

Also, as I sit here tapping away at the keyboard and sharing my thoughts. I have to mention the dogs... they have decided to dine out on the organic fertiliser pellets on the lawn. Pooeeee!

Now, Bells Beach, (on Getaway) I haven't bin there. Would love to see it, capable of massive surf. Awesome.

You know, there are people that apparently suffer from writers block, I have so many words wanting to escape, I need to purge them. So I think this is one of those times.

Today was a really early awakening, made myself sleep another hour. Down to Gnarabup for the walk along Prevally. Don't forget Sid has put me on the Bodytrim diet and a half hour walk is on the list of to dos. But I would be doin it anyway. I love that walk. A double shot latte at The White Elephant afta. Yum.

Stuck in the office most of the day, bugger, shackled...

But, the retic guy arrived, and partially fixed the reticulation. He's coming back tomorrow. A big relief.

I noticed my neighbour setting the rabbit trap for the first time. It's a crude cage type of contraption, with a big piece of fruit to entice my little rabbit babies. Roger has definitely fallen fowl of that trap. Dang. But, I feel like one of the people that I have heard about when I was cruising in boats, these people, apparently, were on a far northern Australian island, staying with the locals, and couldn't bear to see the turtles that the locals had caught, and were being kept alive at the water line, tethered to a stake in the sand until 'the pot' was ready. The guests cut them loose. And, then, with horror, were banned from the island. If the wild rabbits weren't kept in check by my vigilant and knowledgable neighbour, my house would be undermined by burrows. A sad reality, but true.

Dish (my little schnauzer doggie), sitting along side me, is having a dream, and wooffin in her sleep... too cute!

I'm really excited about Christmas. My family is coming to Margs! Mums hanging with me and my bro and fam are renting Sid's. Dad might even rock up. He hasn't seen my little possi yet.

Today was funny in Margs, definitely an elevated level of activity, and then at 5pm, it was like an evacuation. Every one went some where else, and then there was no one on the street... weird.

I'm also excited about tomorrow morning. I start my volunteer job. It's photographically documenting the regeneration of the coastal dunes after the fires. Im thrilled. Will write more about that later...

I hope everyone is coping Christmas so far, not long before we can all kick back, enjoy everyones fabbo cooking, some nice cold beers and lovely wines. What a lovely time of the year. Cath 

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