Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Australia Day All

Happy Australia Day to all,
A well loved Australian Flag, South Fremantle
A, VERY LARGE Australian Flag! It's huge, it's beautiful, it's at Voyager Estate, Margaret River
Arriving home to Margaret River today, 1400 ish, 40 degrees! I thought it would be cooler for sure, but no. very warm. I think it's going to cool down in the next couple of days, where Perth is predicted to stay in the 40's. I am lucky enough to spend tomorrow in Noofi's pool with the dogs, and, I am thinking, the odd beer.

My little garden is rather crisp. Have done some watering. But the list of jobs is rather large, like the above flag.

Making a roast sweet potato salad. Very yum. Roast the sweet potato, make a dressing of finely chopped coriander roots, lime juice, maple syrup to taste, and coriander leaves.

Will be listening to Tripple J Top 100 tomorrow. One of my picks would be Matt Corby, click on this link to check out his live version of Brother, it's very good. Enjoy... & Happy Australia Day    Matt Corby - Brother (live)

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