Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heat Wave - A Respite

Whoa.... it has been super hot. Things happen in heat waves. I read that they can generate a spate of fatalities, it is tragic. Australia is a country of contrasts, but on the west coast of Australia, we get less rain, winters can be cold, but no snow to speak of, maybe in the odd spot, on the odd day. But, when Huey turns up the heat, it can be unbearable, and lethal. But the rest of time, you would think you were living in heaven. Like today.
Prevally, yesterday, champagne water, distant precipitation
Dish, had to put that one in, she is a 'roll in the sand' doggy
Yesterday, the sea breeze started to kick in when I was down the beach in the late morning. And, when I went back about 3pm, the wind was so strong (and beautifully cool) that it was blowing my towel down the beach! The weather is expected to heat up in Perth mid week, 36C, for Marg's it's not expected to get above 34C (still hot). Any thing could happen with cyclone Iggy hanging up the coast. They have mind of their own.
I wasn't the only one enjoying the cool @ Prevally
The offerings of Margaret River Bakery Stall @ the Markets
Have been busy having fun with friends from Esperance. We managed to get to the Margaret River Farmers Markets in the early morning. I couldn't go without my pastry snail from the Margaret River Bakery. They got to try the 'Barbequed Sausage in a Bun'. And, I had to try one of Katies Icy Poles, they are were just delish. Went to visit Mertle to buy some cordial, between us we walked away with 6 bottles, my fav is the Mulberry. Must try that with lots of ice and a little vodka, one day.
Tartlets by the James's, Margaret River Farmers Markets
The lovely gentleman from the Blackwood Meadery, we sampled a glass of his mead the other night, it was delicious, took it straight out of the freezer, but beware it packs a punch!
My friends bought some of the BBQd Sausage Buns from the folk @ Margaret River Independent School, this gentleman was very gracious to let me take his photo. Margaret River Farmers Markets
Right the diet. Will be posting my recipe for the Kale smoothy tomorrow. The recipe was introduced to me by Jacquie & Tim from Stepping Stones Wellness Centre in Fremantle I think I have written about them before. We have enjoyed the odd glass of wine together and last year invited them to stay with me in Margaret River over the New Year. I was ready to pop the champagne when they arrived, but they walked in with their kitchen blender, saying their New Years resolution was to give up drinking. Oh joy!? Any way, I am now addicted to their Kale smoothie as well. Will write more about The New Years Resolution Diet tomorrow if your into it.
Melons @ the markets
As we speak, I can smell fire, see ash floating down and hear the fire engine sirens! Bugger, this time of year is so bad for fires. Checking the FESA site, there appears to be a fire well south, sou east of Margs, but burning houses and a danger to life. Check the authorities if you think it could impact you. Dang!    Actually, I have just checked and there are a few other fires, Gracetown and one near Abbeys Farm Road, best to check Fesa.

Would like to share some links with you below:

I haven't done any tours with this guy, Sean Blocksidge, and I haven't even met him - yet. But I have been following him on Facebook and twitter and have had some feed back, on his tours, He looks like he produces a very good product. His photography is fantastic, and the tours look fantastic. (he took some amazing photo's of the fires)  Check them out. I am going to do a few tours with him shortly, once I get myself sorted. And, remembering that we pay for everything ourselves, we can give you a straight up review. Watch this space.

Margaret River Farmers Markets, if you need to check out some of the suppliers go to

Also, I like the ABC South West, they have a lot of info available on their website in regard to  local information, and I also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Everyone take care in this dodgy weather. Cath

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