Monday, January 30, 2012

The New Year Diet Project, Start to Week 4 & The Kale Smoothy

Ok, Good Moaning All,

Weighing in. Start to Week 4. Have lost 1.3kgs, all in all 2.3, that was because Week 1, I freaked out and put a kilo on. Lost that pretty quickly and have been hovering around my current weight. My weight goes up and down in big chunks, I can lose a half a kilo in a day and put a kilo on in a day. I think Madge has said that too. Hence the argument about weighing in every day, which I do.

But I have been doing heaps of socialising, and I think the only thing that has kept me stable (ish) is that I have adopted the small protein meal regime from the Body Trim Diet. A friend told me about it and I have picked it up from there. I have heard some good things about it, and thought if I was going to write about it, I should purchase it. (what goes round, comes round) The package has arrived and I will pick it up from the post office today. But, still, just 'getting' the concept that:

* small meals of protein (100g) every 2 or 3 hours fuels your metabolism, which burns the fat, is one of the keys.

* no alcohol would be another one. But I am still to get my head around that.

* a half hour walk is one of the others.

* cutting out sugar (I must get heaps in that wine)

* eating heaps of vege's and no fruit (for the initial part) although, I can't eat my Kale smoothy without a banana, and they apparently are a no no.

* Christian has found out that cutting dairy out has made it hard to put weight on. So there's a clue, cut that out as well.

I have found myself settle into a day where I wake up, fry two 50g eggs (= 100g) in a non stick pan. And have those with no toast.

If you are busy like me, (probably busier I reckon) you might find yourself grabbing a small tin (again about 100g) of tuna, chicken, or baked beans. A big surprise for me was actually liking cold baked beans out of the tin!!! They are great, just chuck a tin in your bag with a teaspoon, and you can eat it at the beach, on the drive to Perth, which takes 3 hours. Where ever. I don't eat the sauce. Sounds terrible, but it does the job.
My Organic Vegie, Tuscan Kale or Cavolo Nero
My body just 'loves' that damned Kale smoothy, remember that advertisement for banana's that was targeted at children, it said something about making those bodies sing! I actually feel the difference when I drink/eat it.

I poached a heap of chicken breasts and steamed some vege's, and make small meals of that.

Have armed myself with some great tools, books, ipad/iphone app, The Body Trim Diet, and have signed up for the 1 Million Kilo Challenge, which is free and great motivation. Here is a list of my arsenal:

  • Polar Bears & Humming Birds, A Medical Guide To Weight Loss, Maintenance and Health by Dr Hendrik v Rensburg, he also has a weight loss clinic in Perth and runs workshops @ the Hobart Street Medical Centre
  • The 4 Hour Body (An uncommon guide to rapid fat loss, incredible sex, and becoming superhuman) by Timothy Ferriss
  • The Body Trim Diet
  • The Million Kilo Challenge (Free) it kicks off today, which is a good day to start, it's a simple as signing up. I am following them on Facebook.
  • Ipad app, iWeight - A+Weight Tracker by Vitastone. I like this because I love technology, apps and my Ipad, but you can use an exercise book and pen just as easily.
I met a lass the other day and noticed she had lost a heap of weight, she said it was the Dr Pierre Dukan Diet, have tracked it down

Your probably wondering why Im banging on about the diet thing. Well, I have done a lot of research about health. And, I really 'get' what it means to keep that fat off as you get older. If you don't watch that extra kilo now, before you know it, you've put on a few more. Just learning how to keep that kilo from getting there in the first place is a major job, but not if you learn how to manage your weight. I know how hard it is. And, I care about 'everyone'! I am not profiting in any way. Some people need to spend money on products like Body Trim, or a years membership to the gym (like I have done, and not used!) to feel like its going make a difference. But seriously, at the end of the day, you just have 'got to get a grip', get some knowledge (its out there for free) and do it! (I say to myself)

The Kale Smoothy

The Kale smoothy
You will need a blender, I put these ingredients in this order:

Kale leaves, I only use the leaf part, its pretty tough, and I normally fill half, or a little over half of the blender jug with the washed leaves (have been worried that I am going to blend Cyril my green frog from the garden, so I check the leaves thoroughly). Also, it doesnt have to be Kale, it could be Spinach or Silverbeet, or a combination of.

1 Banana, fruit is not allowed on the diet, but I can't do with out it and make an exception. You can put in apples or pears. If I have too many bananas ripening, I peel them, chop them up and freeze them, taking them out as needed.

To taste and to budget, about 1 teaspoon or tablespoon of:
  • Maca Powder
  • Chia Seed
  • Goji Berrys
  • Cocoa Powder (no sugar added)
  • Spirulina
  • Rolled Oats
  • Coconut Oil (not a good idea on the diet, great if your feeling bound up, fabbo for your skin)
  • Green Tea (I just put in fine green tea leaves)
I am using a product from Life Extensions, it is a Creatine, Whey, Glutamine product. I use Glutamine to help me build muscle which is important to burn fat. It comes with a scoop. I buy alot of my supplements from them. Just be aware, some things you see on their site look great, but aren't allowed into Australia. The company is in the USA and ships to Australia from the Phillipines, Aus Customs do check it, and I have never had any trouble with them.

So, I put all those ingredients in, then to make it blend, I put a cup or two of Almond Milk, you have to wizz it well at this stage as the Kale needs to be broken up properly, if not you could be doing a bit of chewing! Then add the rest of the liquids to nearly fill (not overfill) the blender. You can use:
  • the rest of the Almond Milk
  • Grapefruit Juice (but it is so potent, you should check with your doctor before using it, because it can mess severly with some medications, no joke) But I love it.
  • or Water for the more diet conscious.
 I buy the Almond Milk in 1 ltr cartons, the cheapest from Coles. I use half or the entire carton, depending if I add the juice of one grapefruit.

My Organic Vegie Garden, Curly Kale

I also try to buy organic, used to think it was all bunkum, but the idea of pesticides and harmful chemicals in my food just doesn't 'sit right'! My garden is organic and permaculture. The system does work, although there is a bit of sharing with the critters, but to me that is joyful. As is sharing these things with you. Good health to all. I think I had better find that tin of baked beans and take the dogs and I for our walk.

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