Monday, January 23, 2012

Perth Heat Wave

This week has been all about the weather and the dogs. It has been warm and is getting even warmer toward the end of the week.

Firstly, have to weigh in... have gone up 0.5 of a kilo. Basically have been socialising and my weight has been loitering around in the 65 to 66 kilo range. Have focused again today and isolated myself from any outside influences (not that I need any)!

Will post some photos as a record of the week. Peri has not been well, funny tummy, waking me in the middle of the night, to be let out. Thunderstorms or anything resembling thunder has got Dish trembling and panting.

I am actually having a lovely time catching up with mates and doing a few practical chores. Have been back to Tasty's, miss the old Veal Parmigiana, too good there. Had a couple of breakfasts at Milkd Cafe, Angove St, North Perth. Good eggs and great coffee. Have had a couple of takeaways from the Joy Kitchen in Fremantle, I'm a sucker for the Szechuan Chilli Fish with a plain steamed rice.
Millie & Albert, waiting for their share of the pizza
Shared a Ruocco's Pizza and a couple of wines with friends in South Fremantle. Another excellent breakfast at Ootongs, South St, South Fremantle. Trying to mix it up a bit and catch up with friends I haven't seen for a while. Just cooked up some poached chicken breasts, from Franks in Wray Ave, and will serve those with steamed veges. That is for the dogs and I.
Mackerel Sky, note cranes poised over sunken boat (between the pines)
The storm approaching, Fremantle skyline, sunrise, looking back toward the port
There was hail in there! Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour
These little dinghys @ The Fremantle Yacht Club nearly got to sail off their trailers!
Fremantle Yacht Club entrance, that was some down pour
South Beach looking toward Rockingham, still more storms on the way
These Blue Heelers happy to be on the beach, South Beach Doggie Beach Fremantle after the storms
Today, Rosie, storms forgotten and queen of the Doggie Beach Park

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