Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Picture Thinking Needed For Margaret River

Happy Campers @ the Gnarabup car park
This photo was taken last year prior to the November 2011 Fires. This style of camping epitomises the carefree spirit we all seek at some time in our life,,, 'just fuq it and go camping!' But the world is experiencing a crisis and the fall out is going to be far reaching. I saw this article on Twitter, decided to retweet it and then wrote more about it on Facebook;

My words below..

The related article by the BBC News - 'Sheds with beds'

There is some correlation between what is going on in the UK and the illegal camping in Rotary Park, by the river in Margaret River. The Global Economic Crisis is pushing some people to the brink of survival. Western Australia is probably the luckiest place in the entire world, supported by our mining boom and still relatively unpopulated. Margaret River the jewel in this crown, with her pristine environment and perfect weather.
The Margaret River
On a recent walk down to the river, I was approached by a well dressed South African man who said he was a Vet and had come to Oz to work in the mining industry, but was duped by a couple promising to give him important working papers, he now found himself in Margaret River and with only $50?! I continued on my walk around the river and there were all these guys, really disheveled, fishing for marron!
On another occasion, two girls, who were sleeping in their car, knocked on my door asking if they could have a shower! They were carrying their towels and toilet bags.

This is only the tip of the iceberg re Margaret River's illegal campers. Some big picture thinking is needed as there is going to be a lot more people heading our way. And, they will need proper facilities.

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