Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boodjidup Beach, Margaret River

Check out our pet Zamia Palm, the one that was a left a little black ball in the November 2011 Margaret River Fires... she is looking quite perky and growing heaps.. very exciting!
Our pet Zamia, might have to call her Phyllis, you know, the hair thing, Phyllis Diller!
Ok, suddenly realised the lamp that I am sitting under right now, is almost the same shape as our Phyllis!
This bush is growing back very quickly
I must admit that being part of this project, to monitor the regeneration of the coastal dunes after the November 2011 Margaret River Fires, is very rewarding. My enquiring mind is 'chock a block' with questions, like 'what is the composition of ash... how does that assist the regeneration process... what plant is that... blah blah blah blah.... you seriously don't want to be listening to the conversation going on in this mind...! But I am finding that watching the process of growth and renewal, almost spiritual and satisfying. I get really excited to see the smallest green shoot!
The weather has gone to pack, I still love it. The temperature has gone south, 19C on the way to Boodjidup Beach at 11am today. There were dampish looking clouds approaching. I was happily wearing my green, checked, flanelette shirt over my bathers. I was ready to be rained on. Cap on, pony tail to stop my hair from whipping around my face. My little Canon IXUS because I couldn't bear to have my Nikon rained on. A handful of doggie bags and off we went, from Grunters, Gas Bay down along Boodjidup. That sea was like a washing machine.
Boodjidup Beach looking south to Redgate
Dish rolling in something smelly, it looks like we are going to get rained on
It was a little windy, Dish is doing an impersonation of 'The Flying Nun'
This little blue thing near the seaweed is what I grew up calling a 'Blue Bottle', not the stinging tail, I put my big toe in there to give you some idea of size, the beach was covered in literally thousands of them. When they dry, they 'pop' when you tread on them, or as the dogs discovered.
Boodjidup is a lovely beach to walk on, the sand was level and hard-ish, but trying to wet the dogs down proved to be treacherous, as I tried to wade into the surf the sand turned soft and I went down into the sand, way over my ankles!
This guy was taking photos of his mates in the surf, I swam the dogs in that little tidal pool.

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