Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Geographe Bay Race Week 2012


I had a fabulous day yesterday. I joined Scott Park's, Redink Homes and a few local Margaret River business people aboard the Redink Homes Sponsors boat, to go out on to Geographe Bay to view the yacht racing, this being, the 'Redink Homes Geographe Bay Race Week'.
Redink Homes
Redink Homes Geographe Bay Race Week  
Lens envy!
I originally met Donna O'Leary when I bought my little storybook, weatherboard shack in Margaret River. You may not believe it, but I can be a 'hard task master', and Donna, as the selling agent, handled me with skill, ease and respect. I loved her 'way' and we have since struck up a friendship. Since then, she has joined Redink Homes, and consequently invited me to join them on 'The Bay' yesterday.
The Busselton Jetty
Our Skipper, Nick, watching his daughter sailing on the far yacht
Margaret River is a fabulous place to live and has to be top of the list in Western Australia for lifestyle. It is no wonder that the town is expanding. There are some lovely pieces of land being opened up for new residential communities. My mate Sid, recently went through the process of having a home built in one of these new areas. I watched with envy. Always doing the 'compare & contrast', my little, rickety shack versus a beautifully designed and put together abode, every thing shiny and new, and best of all, designed to exactly how you want it.
Busselton foreshore
Busselton foreshore
If you click on this photo, you can see the yachts coming in from out near Cape Naturaliste
The 'global economic crisis' has a lot of really bad things about it, but, the good thing, is that it is making land and home building so much cheaper and affordable. Even I, am tempted to build something (you can see I was a tad indoctrinated yesterday). My ideal, would be a house big enough to have two separate areas, one for myself, and a one for Mum (if she ever decides to retire). We talked about this yesterday and it is something that Redink can do easily (apparently). Very interesting!
The Redink Flag, Port Geographe Marina
The Deck Restaurant & Bar, excellent Fish & Chips
Just recently Redink has opened an display room in the main street, Bussell Hwy, in the middle of Margaret River. They also have a display home at Rapids Landing, a five minute drive further down the road. Any way, you can't miss the display room, it's painted bright red and has been put together really well. Very stylish. You can see the different types of fittings that are available to choose, for 'the new home'. All these things, combined, being quality staff, quality construction and quality inclusions, would give me confidence that I could, if I was building, have a good experience. And, now, at the right price.
I had a great day yesterday, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to meet other developers (me, being the 'one hit wonder' in Fremantle) and real estate agents from Margaret River. It certainly has got me thinking, as you can see. Thank you to everyone for a lovely day. Cath
Other links:
The Busselton Jetty I was surprised to see they have a two webcams, which I am watching now, you can actually see little fish swimming about the piers!
Port Geographe Marina  Years ago, I sailed my yacht down from Fremantle and her there for a bit. Also, I have chartered a yacht from there to sail us to Eagle Bay. It was a great day adventure and champagne sailing.

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  1. Great story Cath, love the thought of living in Margaret river and the way you talk about it, I might just actually do it. Great lifestyle, great people and beautiful part of the country. xx



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