Thursday, February 16, 2012

Margaret River Dune Regeneration 16th February 2012

What beautiful weather we are having here in Margaret River. The temperature peaked at 28C, the breeze SSW 14km/h gusting up to 26km/h, you'll see from the photos how sunny and warm it is, balmy almost. The sea temperature is currently between 22C & 24C, just beautiful (click here to go to the current sea surface temp map).
Have been tracking this gorgeous plant after the fires, it was just a little black ball, I think it's a Zamia Palm, does anyone know?
Went out today to take the prescribed photo shots for recording the regeneration of the coastal dunes after the fires last November. It is quite uplifting to see the new growth, and some of the little critters returning.

The swimming pontoon at Gnarabup, someone is happy sitting out there today, warm water, warm sun, a balmy breeze
I enjoyed a latte @ The White Elephant, Gnarabup
Definitely a day for Kite Surfers, Gas Bay, Margaret River
Gas Bay, delicious water, unfortunately, no surf today
Someone watching the distant Kite Surfing from Grunters, note the little bits of green in the dunes
A dunes own version of 'bum fluff'! :) but, at least all that lovely grass is  holding all that sand down
Looking toward the mouth of the Margaret River. Not sure if you can see the growth on those dunes. It may help to click on the photos to open them up.
Looking out over the top of Wallcliffe House, you can see the greening on the other side of the river. That is happening very quickly. Thankyou God, this winter will make a huge difference
Main Break, Margaret River, not much breakin out there,  this shot was taken about 1500, very subdued for that time of the day.

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