Sunday, February 19, 2012

Margaret River Town Square Markets 19th Feb 2012


Gosh, a busy day, up late last night, vacuuming and moping! I know, no one thinks I do that sort of thing. And, so, a little sleep in.

I managed to get to the Town Square Markets, normally I rush through these kind of things, but today I went out of my way to check out what people were doing and I also spent some time practicing my photography, which, 'should' get better, one of these days. Anyone who actually likes one of my shots is welcome to copy it by cut and pasting. If I was 'really' good, I would probably copyright them. Not there yet.

Looking at the Markets from the main street, Bussell Hwy
The Blueberry Lass, I have bought these blueberries and have eaten the whole punnet in a sitting! They are sweet, firm and plump, yummm! She also had a gorgeous little baby sitting underneath her there
Fresh fruit and Veg
Hoola Hoops, how much fun
A beautiful flautist
A selection of very groovy wine carriers
This Lady sells the most divine curry puffs, spring rolls, carrot cake, rice cake, pickles, chutneys and to top it off, which I am fantasing about, (apres diet) a creme caramel
Apres Diet, I am having some of those corn cobs
These cutting boards look fantastic and I am thinking about whose birthday is coming up that would deserve one of these beauties
Mr Honey, it is sourced from all over and locally
What a great smile and there are some interesting things here, I love the owl teapot cosy's, apparently a lady makes one a week! Also, not sure if you can see, down, left corner a yellow basket, its made from beach flotsam, love it.
More delish fruit and veg
Platters, bowls and candle holders made from old wine barrels, they are lovely and have been beautifully finished
Goodies from the South of France, I love the colour of the pottery and fabrics
I love these guys, they make and sell such unique clothes

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