Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Mum

That's a fly on my nose, they breed them big in Western Australia
That's me in the middle, the one with a fly on her nose. And that's my baby brother on the left, with his fist in his mouth, the one turning 50! I know this post is about my Mum, but she would kill me if I posted a photo of her. You can see her hands in her white gloves just to the left of my 'Dennis the Menace' looking brother. She looks ready to give him a clip over the ear if he misbehaves, and he knows it, as he is really stuggling to stand still. The other brother on the right is a saint, you can see that. The is no sign of the torture he endured from his sister. I tried to cut his fingers off, and on another occasion tried to electrocute both of them. I have had counselling for all of that. Poor buggers.

Why I tell you about that, is because my Mother had to endure all of those things and worse. Perhaps Dad didn't help to indoctrinate me into enjoying the boysy things, so hence was heading down the track of 'tom boy'! My Mother had to fight hard to bring me back to being the 'little girl', she coaxed me with gorgeous little dresses and pretty shoes. Taught me how to sew (although my brother 'the saint' was heaps better at knitting), taught me how to cook and clean. I did speech lessons, deportment, modeling. She took me to the beautician to have my eyelashes tinted and I was treated to facials. I know you can see she spoilt me.

She is an incredibly loving person, with a great sense of play and a great sense of humour. An amazing woman.

I love my Mum
See what I mean about posting photos of Mum

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