Monday, February 6, 2012

The New Year Diet Project - Monday Weigh In

Good Morning,

Monday weigh in, 64.1kgs, gettin there. Slowly but surely. Reading Tim Ferriss's book The 4-Hour Body, I like it, I like his style. You can drink 2 glasses of red on his diet, so, that sounds like the one for me. He also, amongst a whole heap of others things recommends;

* Taking measurements of your body, and recording them
* Taking before and after photos, with or without clothes! (That was frightening. Especially when I was in my photography class on Saturday and realised that I still had those shots on the camera!)
* Taking a photo of what your going to eat
Caths Breakfast
You can see in the breakfast photo, some of my supplements. The formula SF88 & the 33SE are multi vitamins and minerals and you can buy those from the Chemist. I have been addicted to the 2 egg thing for a while. No toast. Black tea.

I had my diet blow out day yesterday. Noofi and I went to the Knights Inn pub Sunday session yesterday afternoon, loved it. Great band, not sure what they were called, will find out. We had dinner at their Maharaja Indian Restaurant. I like the Palak Gosht and the Kasmiri Naan. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Margaret River Resort, which houses the accommodation, the pub, bottle shop and restaurant in one large complex. They have a lovely pool, kiddys play area and a tennis court. The accommodation looks fine, but I haven't checked out the rooms. I think the website gives a fair image of the rooms. 
Margaret River Resort Website, click here

Hope everyone is going well with the diets, the feed back has been good. Doesn't matter if you fall off 'that horse', just dust yourself off and get back on it!

Sharing some of my photo's from Peter Zuvela's Digital Photography class at the Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle. Thank you Mum, she bought me the class as a Christmas present, what a great idea, we went together, it was fabulous fun;
Sunshine in a pot
My teacher, Peter Zuvela
Entrance to the Fremantle Arts Centre, a great facility, Mum & had  a lovely lunch in the courtyard
The Fremantle Arts Centre, part of the front of the building which was originally built by the convicts as a Lunatic Asylum
Click here to go to The Fremantle Arts Centre

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