Monday, February 13, 2012

The New Year Diet Project, Monday Weigh In, 13th Feb 2012

Good Morning,


The good news is I haven't put on any more weight than last week, the bad news is, I haven't lost any more either, I did lose about half a kilo during the week, but put it on again. It might be muscle! :)

My Body Trim kit arrived with a box of chocolate low carb snack bars. I think I ate 4 in one day and most of those were for dinner. Not a good idea as they contain guarana, which got my heart racing, I don't take stimulants normally. So it had quite an impact. The bars are very yummy and I reckon if you ate them when you should as a mid afternoon pick me up. They would be fantastic.

Still like The Body Trim system, it overlaps with what Tim Ferriss from the 4 Hour Body writes about. Sid lost 5 kilos in one week, last week I think. And, his mates are having success with it as well.

Where I went wrong;

* Too many Low Carb Bars, I don't like them at all, they taste great, but they aren't real food.
* I had a big Kale smoothy with banana and grapefruit (fruit a no no) and too much almond milk.
* I didn't do enough exercise, it was too hot to walk the half hour, a big mistake.
* Drinking wine. I would love to cut that out all together.

Well the main thing is to keep on it and keep working on it. It is about changing how you think about food and how all that fits into your lifestyle.

The good things I have incorporated:

* Smaller, protein meals every 2 to 3 hours.
* Baked Beans, the small tins, great for when your on the hop. Doing the 3 hour drive, I can make a pit stop for the dogs and I, and refuel the bod at the same time. Handy.
* Have added cinnamon to my coffee
* Have cut out all things white, like pasta, rice, bread, dairy products & sugar

So, I'm getting there. The feed back from others participating is similar, except for Sid and his mates as they are able to cut out the alcohol and up the exercise. Go boys! Your a great inspiration. And, well done girls who are chipping away quietly at those kilos.
Texas Chilli cooked up last night, note * spinach and lettuce instead of rice or pasta
My old recipe book, the recipe for Texas Chilli
Texas Chilli

The only thing I left out was the sugar, and served it on spinach and lettuce. Also to the serving size was around 100g of protein. I also made it so hot, it nearly blew my head off. But that was for the 'thermogenic' (fat burning) quality of chilli. I also used organic cocao, another superfood. All the herbs were out of the garden and added that sweetness that a good Chilli should have. I used a tin of organic red kidney beans and 500g of really lean mince.

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