Monday, February 20, 2012

The New Year Diet Project, Monday Weigh In, 20th Feb 2012

Im gettin there, slowly but surely.... 62.8kgs this morning. Im happy with that. Now I have kind of got the knack, its a little easier.

So, what worked for me? I am still having a glass of wine. Im doing a moderate walk, although the body is wanting to do weights, a bit gun shy re doing the back again though. The baked beans have been really good. Handy. I found a protein bar at Coles that was ok for a handy afternoon snack, will find it again and post it. I cooked up a heap of very lean beef rissoles from Coles, and they were really lean. A good size and served with salad. Or not

I have figured out that I don't eat enough, normally. The small regular protein meals are the key for me. Im not the only one. There are heaps of people that are too busy to even think of eating. But, you have to get your head around it.

Also, upping the exercise. Even if it is just to help the digestion. I know if I don't do a proper walk, the dogs don't ablute properly. So, I figure the same must apply to myself.

So, I am happy with that. Almost halfway to my goal. Started at 66kgs, want to go to 59kgs, although I haven't been that since I was a teenager. Have lost 3.2kgs and want to loose 3.8kgs. Nearly half way. Dr Rensburg says 'just get it off and the quicker the better', there is a debate about losing it quickly or slowly, he says it doesn't matter. I have been slow, but I'm not going to chastise myself, just keep going.
Millers have just won an award for their Cowtown Coffee, and I am going to reward myself with one of those when I get down to 59kgs, cant weight! :)
This was supposed to be a quicky this morning. I'm off to a day on the water, it is Geographe Bay Race Week, which is a lot of fun. Heaps of yachts come down from Perth and compete in the beautiful Geographe Bay. I'm not sailing today, just spectating. So will report back with some photo's of the day later.
Bobs Shoe Store, what a lovely smile, what a lovely sale
Yesterday after the Town Square Markets, I wandered down the street and ducked into Bobs Shoe Store. I have to mention their sale, they have a huge 50% off their summer range! I didn't realise until the lass told me and it is a substantial reduction and being a 'shoe girl' I was impressed that it was the entire summer range and they are lovely shoes. Check it out.
Love Lloyds, Sid bought me a lovely wine glass with Margaret River on it from here. I saw they have a little cover, like a stubby cooler for the beer, but for the wine.
Also, have to mention Lloyds, I love Lloyds. They are in the main street. If you were looking for gifts or not looking at all, I am sure you would find something there. I found one of my closest friends from Perth there, she had come down for the Geographe Bay Race Week and joined some of the other girls to visit Margaret River. May catch up with them today. But that reminds me, and I have to go. Have a fabbo day everyone.
Lloyds, how cute are these guys!

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