Thursday, February 9, 2012

Redgate Beach, Margaret River

It was a lovely day in Margaret River today. I'm still behind in office work. So was chained to the desk until I had completed my jobs. Then, thank goodness, off to explore more of the Margaret River region.

I wanted to see Redgate Beach. Went there years ago to surf, but it was too big for me. I body surfed instead, in the shallow water.

I also wanted to see how the November fires had affected that area. Quite a shock. Basically, the fire burnt down to the Redgate Rd, licked over it and was contained. Gosh, the spread of the fire was basically from Gracetown to Redgate Rd. Thank God it did not get into the Boranup Forest.

The dogs and I arrived at the beach about 3pm. The sea breeze is normally in by this time and today, it was not coming in. You could see it about 2 miles off the coast, and quite strong out there, you will see it in the photos. But, I realised, after seeing the signs, that I couldn't take the dogs to Redgate, so, I drove back to Prevally, and we swam south of the headland. The breeze only started to encroach the beach about 4.30pm. It never got to town. Check out the photos;

Redgate Beach carpark looking south
Redgate carpark looking north, you can actually see people walking on the beach (just click to expand)
Redgate, people snorkeling
Redgate history
Tourists admiring my dogs
View of Gnarabup and Prevally up to Main Break, today

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  1. Lovely photos. Yes we do thank God that the fire didn't spread further. I haven't been to Boronup Forest yet but I hope to get there in the next couple of months.



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