Friday, February 17, 2012

Sharing My Day In Margaret River, Friday 17th Feb, 2012


Sharing my day, early rise, lazy start. Off to McHenry Hohnen's for a latte, located on Caves Rd, not far from the turn off to the beach. They have a butchery which supplies vacuum packed meats sourced locally, Jarrahdale Pork; Lamb; Beef, looks amazing. The coffee from their cafe is yummy and I had to 'look away' from the cakes. Here are some shots:
McHenry Hohnen's Dog, a gorgeous thing
This is very good quality meat, everything from Chorizo Sausage to Pork Fillets
A view of the butchery from the cafe, looks great
My latte, with an added espresso, a lovely cafe deck
An overcast day @ Prevally, almost, no one on the beach, warm and balmy, breeze building, tide maxing out, water sublime, dang... no surf, I only saw one person trying to surf out off Main break, two people lapping the bay with goggles and snorkels and a very slender, tanned chick in groovy board shorts walking the beach. My dogs in seventh heaven. Me v happy.
We, meaning you and I, are monitoring this particular tree. So far, no growth where other plants seem to be coming back. But there are a few of these trees and none of them are sprouting either. We will see. I have faith.
Well, that is a very crisp, burnt out Bob Tail Goanna/ Blue Tongue Lizard, poor bugger!
Rifle Butts Reserve, an art installation by the residents I believe. There were at least 40 houses totally destroyed in the November, 2011 Fires, not to mention the massive amount of houses partially destroyed. This represents some of those houses. There is a picnic in the park this Saturday @ 6pm, all welcome.
Ah, my favourite swimming hole. Dogs and I were hot and a little flat after our walk. Buoyed by the 'new growth' and saddened by the grief of the community. 
Just wanted to show you how tempting this water is. The visibility was quite high, I could swim underwater with my eyes open and see the grains of sand. Dreamily floating on my back in the water, I was worried that I would fall asleep and be swept out to sea.
Look what I found?! I saw this car yesterday and was overjoyed to see it today. Not many people would know that I am lusting over 'old, gold Volvo's'! I can just see my Stand Up Paddle Board on top. The Black Keys playing on the radio and all the doggies waggin their tails in the back as we drive on out to the beach.
The day actually got better. Is that possible. I haven't got any photo's to show. But, I went to Bunnings in Busselton, and bought my very first lawn mower. I will post a photo of that when I get it out of the box. Then it was Friday arvo drinks at Settlers Tavern with my girlfriend D and then dinner at my girlfriend Noofi's house. Yum, roast organic chicken and vege's. And, thank goodness, that is about enough excitement for the day.

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