Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friends Visit Margaret River

Gosh, full on this weekend down here @ Margs. The surfing comp, Telstra Drug Aware Pro 2012. 19 year old John John Florence heralded as the winner this afternoon. Well done and congrats.
Early this morning
I had friends drive down from Perth yesterday afternoon. They arrived with their Standard Schnauzer, Sydney, still a puppy at heart. We were lucky to get a table at Settlers Tavern. Knowing it was going to be packed we rocked up early. Settlers is a great little pub. Well run, they have won awards for their wine list. Any way, we enjoyed a lovely bottle of wine, Madame had a Hamburger Royale (in the memory of Pulp Fiction) , Monsieur the Lamb Pops, and I the Seafood Linguine, we started by sharing a dozen lovely oysters natural. All, very yum. Even got to enjoy a few tunes from the reggae band.

I love this time of year, warm during the day, and crispy cool in the evening. After we got home, another bottle of wine opened, the clothes started to slowly layer on! I started off with a white summer dress, but, sitting out on the verandah then required a pair of thermal trackie dacks, a little while later, a wind cheater, then a vest and then my uggies. I did look very weird, white dress with my thermal dacks etc. We had a lovely time discussing the issues of the world and even the back yard. Consequently a 3am retirement. I don't remember my head hitting the pillow.
My garden this morning
My friends had to be gone by 0830 am, so the alarm was set for 0730 am. The Margaret River Farmers Markets had been set up in my slumber. I have no idea how I woke up, but rallied the troops, put the Yahava 'Romeo' coffee in the pot to brew as we ran across to the Markets to buy a breakfast pastry each. So good. Not long before the guests were gone and I went back to bed to make up for some lost sleep.

Oh, I did manage to buy a knob of Mikes smoked garlic (from Garlic & Roses) before breakfast. Will let you know what to do with one of these. Apparently, Settlers Tavern bought Mike's entire harvest of Padron Peppers for their tasting plates. I saw them advertised last night.
Mike, from Garlic & Roses, Smoked Garlic
Just in time to recover before drinks with friends out at Burnside. They have a beautiful property with horses, cows, dogs and, cats (on leads! I like that). I took a bottle of Brookwood A lovely way to watch the sunset before carefully driving home at dusk. The kangaroos are thick at the moment. And, I do not wish to take any critters life, let alone losing mine in a head on collision with one of these massive, beautiful animals.

An early night for me, off to enjoy some dreams. They have been very interesting lately.

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