Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Margaret River Pics For The Week, 7th March 12

I have to apologise for the quality in some of these photo's. When I go to the sea, I often take my little Canon Ixus 800, which takes 'ok' shots, and I wont cry if I 'drop it in the drink', or if it 'gets nicked'. The Nikon 5100 is another matter. I would cry if anything happened to it. Already the lense cap has been for a swim! Sand, sea and salt are some of my favourites, but not shared by the camera's. So hence the difference in quality. Also, I have to confess to going blind. It is so much harder for me to see, and frame a shot with the Canon, as it is sooo much smaller. So when I get a good shot, Im thrilled.

You may have also seen some of these shots before in previous posts. I included them all, as a weekly compilation.
Prevally, note how gorgeous the weather is, and the lack of people! We are talking beautiful weather, around 34C. Delicious.
Peri, swimming for a stick
The doggies have been clipped and look like aliens!
Blue Tongue crossing the track at Prevally
He's too cute, and mighty slow, you can see his little blue tongue. After the fires in the dunes, I noticed that some of the critters were walking down on to the beach to eat from the flotsam, maybe seaweeds and other protein and moisture giving sea critters
You can see here the seed pods of this plant have opened up, apres the fires, some of these plants need a fire before they shed their seeds.
These are the plants that belong to those seed pods above. Note the new plant growth.
These shots were included in the previous post New Year Diet Project, Monday Weigh In, 5th of March, 2012. They were taken with the Nikon. My major learning mission is to get used to taking people shots. I get all nervous and find it hard to ask. Luckily, some people are fantastic and set me at ease. You can see with the photo of Mike below that the photo is a bit blurry, I was a bit shaky. But, I still loved the shot and included it.

Margaret River Farmers Markets, Paul, Winnejup, sparkling grape juice
Joan, who grows and sells organic produce. That is my bunch of Kale for my smoothies. Wondering if its worth growing my own when Joan does it so well!
Mike from Garlic-N-Roses makin me nnnnnnervous, blurrrr!
I would have been surprised if these gorgeous puppies had not been sold. I had to give it all my will power not taken them all home!
The long weekend, a different scene on the beach, mega people, mega dogs and harder to find a car space.
I'm very happy with this shot from the Canon, The Lads, all I could think of, apart from their skill factor, was spinal damage, as he was landing in 10 inches of water, if that! But I assume they left the beach in one piece.

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