Monday, March 5, 2012

New Year Diet Project, Monday Weigh In, 5th of March, 2012

Well, I don't deserve to be 63.9kgs this morning! I have been lower and this week put on a couple of kilo's which I seem to have lost again. Starting weight 66kgs. How is everyone else going? Well done to T who has lost a staggering 6kgs and her friend who has lost 3.5kgs! How inspirational. Sounds like the daily exercise and the calorie restriction is the key with T.
Prevally, a little piece of paradise
I have been socialising something cruel. Eating heaps of things I shouldn't, not taking my supplements, not eating enough greens, not doing enough exercise, drinking too much alcohol which included a couple of beers. How I didn't kick back up to over the 66kg mark I have no idea. A kilometer row and a single kettle bell swing rep, plus some new supplements suggested by Tim Ferris in the 4 Hour Body seems to have saved me.
The girls, they have just been clipped and look like aliens I reckon!
I have been just as slack with my posting to Margaret River Correspondent. I can, at times be recalcitrant. I have even been called stubborn. And, I seem to observe myself being resistant to certain things. The exercise aspect of things has been lacking from my Diet Project. Two things, as an experiment I wanted to know if I could lose that weight by doing nothing other than eating more protein! The answer is yes, if I didn't drink more than 2 glasses of wine and was really strict with the food aspect of things. If I took my supplements I lost even more. And, the difference that one session on the rower had, was amazing.

The other reason, was, I was unconsciously, then consciously aware that I was protecting myself from pain. I know I keep on about it, but I did myself in a beauty last year with my back and I don't think I could endure it again. So, on one level I was resisting the chance of perhaps over extending myself and putting something out. But I am happy that I am over that now, I think!
My little swimming hole at the end of the beach
So lets see how I go this week by adding more exercise. I haven't got one social outing planned till the end of the week. So this might be my chance to make a difference. Have already had my Kale smoothy and my supplements. Will get on the rower after this post, do the kettle bell swings and some weights, gosh might do some stomach exercises (never my favourites) and then, doggies and I might take ourselves off to the beach.
The Blue Tongue Lizard, you can actually see his little blue tongue!
Will leave you with some pics from the week. Was thrilled to find a Blue Tongue Lizard wandering across the beach path, he is a survivor from the November 2011 Bush Fires. Too cute.
 A great smile from Winnejup, sparkling grape juice, Margaret River Farmers Markets
Joan, with my bunch of organic Kale, for $2 a bunch, is it worth growing myself?
Mike from Garlic-N-Roses, he made me a bit nervous and I blurred the shot, but it was still a great shot  of him, I thought I would still include it. Mike does the smoked garlic, the heirloom tomatoes, which I had for lunch yesterday, garlic, golden shallots and chilli's

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  1. Loving your posts the way I now way in at 55kg... I have put on a kilo and it is staying on. I think I want to come and live in Margaret River xx



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