Monday, March 19, 2012

The New Year Diet Project, Monday Weigh In, 19th of March 2012

Good Moaning!

Well, I think my scales are broken! :) 64.8kgs again! My weight graph is now looking like the real estate market, down, up, down, sideways. I put on weight during the week, as I let myself do. But lost it again without trying?! I ate everything I shouldn't have as I was having a little celebration. Galavanting around Perth again, spaghetti bolognese at Ruoccos, lunch at Tasty's, my usual, veal parmigiana,,, will write more about the other dining adventures later. I'm running out the door, but needed to get this post out. 
Something grounding about 'washing on the line'!
Had another song leap out of the brain, The Rythm of Life! I searched it on YouTube and found this great rendition by Sammy Davis Jr in Sweet Charity. He is hot and the clip very retro and groovin. Love it. I put the extended version in, as it kind of explains itself.
Click here to watch..
The aging Miss Peri, I love this carpet pattern

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