Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Weekend Galavanting About Margaret River, Friday & Saturday

Well, there's time for everything, time for doing the bookwork, mowing the lawn and a time for galavanting! So, we visited;

Must Wine Bar, Margaret River
The Margaret River Farmers Markets
The MadFish Cellar Door
Howard Park Cellar Door
The Colonial Brewing Co.
The Colonial Brewing Co.
I woke up Friday and thought... damn it, wonder if Noofi would like to have a Friday lunch at Must, Margaret River! The answer was yes, and I'm glad, it was very pleasant indeed. We were restrained and well behaved, as we have been known to enjoy our wine a little too much. Must served their delicious crusty bread with a fruity tapenade. It was followed up with 250g Rump Steaks - medium, green peppercorn jus, rocket & watercress salad, with shoe string frites. Must hang their beef, it it one of the things they do very well. 

Noofi enjoyed a glass of the Pierro, Sem Sav Blanc, and the Moss Wood White. Moi, the Moss Wood Red. Very nice. I can't remember the name of the Moss Wood, have called the restaurant to check, but they are obviously busy. Will update when I find out.
Must Margaret River, luckily we went home 'before' bar time!
A lunch at Must is all very civilised. And one of our favourite things to do.
Padron Peppers
Today was full on. Margaret River Farmers Markets were on. I was up early, got my coffee brewing, dashed off to to the Markets returning with my pastry snail from the MR Bakery, a raw nori roll from RAW Ky, A bottle of Kambucha (a fabulous find), I bought some heirloom tomatoes and Padron Peppers from Mike, a punnet of blueberries, 3 cobs of heavy corn, and a pistachio/lemon cake from Lady Marmalade.
The Peppers in the pan in Cath's kitchen
Now, chatting to Mike, he told me about the Padron Peppers, I had read that Settlers Tavern were serving them. Apparently the thing to do is fry them in a little oil and serve them with a beer. I went home, chose an old cast iron fry pan, warmed some macadamia nut oil, and tossed the peppers until a little browned then sprinkled with Maldon sea salt. We enjoyed these Padron's later in the day with a beer with my girlfriend at the Colonial Brewery. Very delicious. As Mike said, you can eat 10 and only one might be hot! I got a hot one straight off, apparently the bigger they get the hotter they get.
MadFish & Howard Park Cellar Door, a view through the window
I forgot to mention my lawn mowing effort, I am so impressed with my new Ryobi Li-Ion lawn mower. I love it. Also realised why Steve Bolesta warned me not to let the lawn get too long before cutting it. Will write one whole post on my gardening efforts soon, I have to get it right first. At this stage have no idea what to do with/ or how to operate the Whipper Snipper! Will google the how to whipper snip! Anyway, managed to get in some of the lawn before picking up GF at 1230.
MadFish & Howard Park
I have been wanting to check out different wineries and so we went off in search of Madfish and Howard Park cellar doors. Very impressive. They are owned by the same family and the cellar door is under one lovely roof. We were nearly knocked out by the smell of fermenting grapes as we walked toward the front door. It's vintage didn't you know!
MadFish & Howard Park
I am a red drinker and I think I tried almost everything that was to be tried! I can't count the times I have enjoyed a Madfish Premium Red at restaurants and cafe's in my life. It's an excellent quaffer. And they need to be congratulated for producing such a loved favourite.
The Colonial Brewing Co. A lovely lunch
Being very conscious of watching my alcohol level, only one cellar door was chosen before heading off to The Colonial Brewery for lunch. Where I had one regular and one small beer. All good.
The Brewery's bar. Note the big bottles. It's 2ltr, take home Growler
I was very impressed with the Brewery. Our prawn, chorizo pizza came out in a flash. We also had a side of Chicken and Venison Chorizo and Olives. They also allowed me to  bring in my freshly cooked Padron Peppers, and yes, they go perfectly with a nice, cold beer off the tap. Well done guys. Note: they are very child friendly.
The Colonial Brewing Co. Note the reclining black cow sculpture. Also, check out the pendant lights - they constructed from the 'Growler' bottles.

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