Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Shackette Gets A Ceiling Makeover

Anzac Day
Remembering all those who have served and died for their country, thank you!
Polimeno's flying The Flag
The Week!
Well, Troy Docking and the boys arrived Thursday morning, 0645. Down came the ceiling, up went the new one and they walked out just before 1800. All done! One day, and a lovely job it was too. I'm very impressed. His number is 0411603 481.
Troy Docking & the lads working in the bedroom
The ceiling in the kitchen has come down
There was a bit of mess, but nothing like I had imagined. I wanted to prepare for the painter so called Sam and she dropped everything to come and help for a couple of hours. She cleaned the front porch, then swept down the walls. I followed behind her, mopping the walls. That girl is worth two. If you require some help, call me for her number. We were all done and dusted by that afternoon.
David Maiolo, always with a smile
Davids preparation, very impressive!
Then David Maiolo arrived on time Friday afternoon, a little more work than he had anticipated as Troy had kept the original architraves for me to 'keep the look' and to save me money, he prep'd with a smile and then returned Saturday to a magnificent job. He is a traditional style painter, is very neat with clean drop sheets, and meticulous. His number is 0410 045 391.
Kangaroos and Wallabies, Margaret River
Walking the dogs Margaret River
Early morning in the bush, Margaret River
A big thank you to my girlfriend Noofi for putting me up at hers. Very much appreciated.
South Beach Doggie Beach
Colin and friend, just preparing a chicken curry breakfast for the  gang
Fremantle Yacht Club from the Doggie Beach, South Fremantle
I then had to go to Perth to do some work. That was a change over at the apartment. Full on as always. Managed to catch up with some mates and do a bit of socialising at the doggie beach.
Miss Scarlet, you can see why she gets the pats! That's a loving look for Aunty Cath
This is the cutest little park on Marine Tce, set up for the kids, I love wandering through here.
This seat is the work of one of our favourite local artists, Richard Coldicutt. I have just confirmed with him that it is indeed his work, and you can feature 'The Feet Seat' in your garden also for $2,000 his M:0404 268 038. I think it would look fabbo under my Oak Tree!
What a great little kiddie wonderland?! The locals look after it, a gorgeous lady, Pam seems to be seen doing a bit of pottering around in there. Well done all!
Another big thank you to my girlfriend Mary Q for also putting me up at hers in Fremantle. Very much appreciated also. We had Spag Bol at Ruocco's. Lunch at Il Lido, Cottesloe, would have to be my favourite restaurant. Dins at the Joy Kitchen, we love the Peking Duck Rolls and the Szechuan Chilli Fish. Breakfasts at Aubergines and Xwray and another lunch at Tasty's!
Il Lido Canteen, Cottesloe, just before the lunch rush
Aubergines for breaky
The Aviary, Murray St, Perth, definitely go back. Might try the restaurant next time.
A trip into Perth for a lovely treat at The Aviary. Good fun, a schooner of Pure Blonde 'off the tap' and a Chorizo and Prawn Pizza. And then, a train trip from Maylands to Fremantle. And then, the 3 hour drive home. A delicious takeaway from Chow and in bed by 8.30pm!
I do like some forms of graffiti, like this little fox (or is it a wolf?), South Fremantle  

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