Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Shackette A Shambles

Well, we are packing up the shackette! 6 rooms into 3! Today is taping day, yesterday moving day. Adrian from Swiss Antiques deconstructed my timber bed that the removalists had reconstructed in some dodgy manner. And he also helped move other bits of furniture around. Colin from Col's Gardens popped over to discuss the strategy of the fridge. We think best to work around it after covering with cardboard and plastic. The bin has arrived this morning and has been parked on the verge. And, it's raining.

Lunch with Mum at Must. And, then I'm moving out. The ceilings come down tomorrow. And there will be mucho mess. I have bought a throw away Ozito vacuum cleaner for the job of cleaning plaster bits and macadamia nut bits and critter bits. The vac looks like a little ripper. We will soon see. I share these photos of 'the process', must admit, I am feeling a little unsettled, but it will all be much better when I don't have to negotiate that acroprop!

Looks like how they loaded up Tutankhamun's burial chambers, and it's only actually my dining room (old sleep out), my office is in the old laundry. It is a shackette after all!
Main Bedroom, that ceiling is coming down and being replaced. The insurance guy suggested that I don't sleep under it. Will be covering the aircon and windows etc with plastic and tape today.
It was a bit cold and lonely, rattling around that kitchen last night. Made a ripper Lentil Soup which did the trick.
Im going to miss that yellow Acroprop! The loo door has on it 'gone to the beach'! I wish!
The dogs look like aliens after their clip and are wondering 'what the hell is going on?!'

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