Thursday, June 21, 2012

Checking In, Wednesday 21st June, 2012

Well, here in Margs, a bit chilly this morning. The weather has been all over the place. Rain, storms and warmish temps coming from the North/NorWest. Rain, hail, storms and cold temps coming from the South West. I haven't been able the pick the showers as they just seem to come marching over that hill. I have a series of weather services I check, but I have not been able to get an accurate gauge of weather for the next hour or so. Being in the middle of town, I can't see the horizon, and there is no local radar (I love the radar). BOM do a composite radar, made up from other areas in the state. And, there is the satellite. They are good, but miss some rain bearing, fast moving systems that manage to find me.
The Mandarin Tree, they are delish!
The grass is getting a tad long. I still haven't swept up after the storms. The mandarin tree is just groaning with delicious mandarins. Which, Peri and Dish are helping themselves to. Peri has gorged herself and wanders around with a belly as tight as a drum, mandarin smells emanating from either end!
This is a Brain Fungi, I'm showing two shots as it's hard to get an idea of the size of this amazing looking creation
A close up of the Brain Fungi, taken earlier in the week
I have been trying to rearrange 'stuff' on the verandah. But am now stuck, as some of that stuff is just too heavy for me to move any more. I have felt a tweak or two in the back region and am not going to have a repeat of last year. It might be a job for 'the backpackers'! And no, Im not thinking Heidi and Helga, I am thinking Sven and Bjorn! The glass is always half full! :)
This little cutie hiding under a wattle bush in a paddock
Have been working on a piece about wine, a bit stuck there too. I seem to write in my head in the night. But this one has a few components and it's tricky bringing them together. Will do one on golf as well.
The same little mushie, I am never sure if they are edible, but something has been nibbling away at it!
Have committed to the Bunion Surgery in Hong Kong. Thats in July. Will be writing lots about that journey.

Some of the things concerning me at the mo; The world economy, Syria, Egypt, Julian Assange, whaling, Gina Rinehart, Fairfax/News job cuts, pollies wearing budgie smugglers, development of digital technology in Australia.......!
The shop @ Olio Bello
On the home front, The New Year Diet Project has morphed in to the 'Seefood Diet', when you 'see' 'food' you eat it! Seriously, I have decided to just listen to my body and eat what and when I wanted. I have never liked eating breakfast, so I'm not. Lunch can be an apple or like just then a bowl of spaghetti bolognese, and for dins what ever I feel like with chocolate icecream! This morning weighing in at 64.2kgs, I started the year about 66kgs. I have been stable in around the 64kgs, and whilst I could lose a bit more, I am quibling about a kilo or two, and feel like I will get there. Taking my supplements, feel good. Feel happy. Anxious about the Bunions.
Olio Bello, the prawn pasta, Voyager Estate - Girt By Sea my choice for lunch, both very yum
Margaret River; a couple of updates. The White Elephant is, contrary to my last note about them, opening on the weekends. I saw on Facebook that they were there and wandered down. It is very good coffee and the crew down there have decided to open at 8, see how it goes till about 10 and if the weather is too bad, they will stay for longer, I was there at 2pm. Also, the Gnarabar mob are opening another venue in town on the main drag, that should happen at the end of the month.

Noofi took two of us to lunch at Olio Bello earlier this week. Very yum. A must for lunch. Freshly made pastas and pizzas. We shared a little garlic pizza for entree. I had the prawn pasta, heaps of garlic. The other main was a beetroot and fetta pasta, looked amazing. It's BYO, which keeps the cost down. A good venue for kids also, lovely setting. Will definitely head back and take more photo's and try more things.

And, a big thankyou to every one who supports me, I am now over 10,000 page views since starting in August last year, 2011. I had posted about 100 posts when it clicked over, so that's about 1000 pageviews each post. Thanks again.

I am thinking of developing a saleable item as an exercise. Because Im not sure if you realise, but 'this' is all a research project for me (And, I LOVE it!). I have put it together with the help of my UWA tutor Amanda Kendle. So I would have to set up the online shop, paypal, that sort of thing. Have been thinking a 'one size fits all' product. Like... a tea towel, the linen could be sourced from Ireland to give them some support. I could design it, and have it printed up. Or... thinking... wine tumblers!? I love a wine tumbler. There is a fabulous team of glass blowers down the road I met a neighbours bbq, and maybe they might help me with that. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to check it out. 

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