Thursday, June 28, 2012

Going On A Journey

Good Morning,

Well it's Day 1 of my 'bunion' journey. I'm still in Margaret River, but not for long. Just finishing off my packing, organise the car and off we go. Destination: Hong Kong, mission:  bunion surgery, both feet.

The house is organised, friends coming to stay, Sid, mowing the lawn. Dogs will be lovingly looked after by my girlfriend Mary Q.

The plan is this; Head up to Perth. Most important is a hug from MQ (but we are not gay) I am just freakin out a little ((I'm realising, I am actually a big chicken... and.. this morning.. I realised I have always been a big chicken that throws herself (as in catapults) into interesting and challenging situations)).

I have rented a short stay house in South Fremantle from some friends which is in a fabulous location and perfect for me when I return to Perth with my crutches. Will write more about the house later. So will get myself sorted there before flying out on Saturday.

Have scheduled a lunch at Tasty's (Veal Parmigiana) and dins at Ruoccos (Spaghetti Bolognese), a bit predictable, but apparently there is security in familiarity.

The bunion surgery is special, and different from anything that is done (that I know of) in Australia. Dr Wu runs the Bunion Centre in Hong Kong, and has an approach that has convinced me that I should take the risk and leave the comfort of my little nest in Margaret River.

This is quite a logistical exercise and I will be relating the experience back to you as I go. I haven't been in the writing mode, as I have had to get things sorted in myself. This is bringing up quite a few issues and then there are other major issues orbiting and overwhelming my little world as well. It will all work it's way out.

Ok, off to finish packing. Have a fabbo day :) Cath

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