Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Morning After

Good Morning :)

All good. Checking in to report. Luckily the storm was not as severe as anticipated. Phew! & Phew again! I was in this house when a storm came through about a year ago. Total devastation down the road at Carbunup (more here), huge trees literally snapped in half and uprooted. That one sounded like a train coming. I was asleep and the noise woke me. I really thought the roof could have come off. Very scary. Looking back at the records, that storm was on the 29th of June, 2011.
Bushwalking with the dogs, when it wasn't so stormy.
The gum trees over the road are tall enough to fall all the way across the road, across the power line and even bring down my verandah. My beautiful oak is even closer to the house. I was not sure where to park my car. If I parked her in the driveway and the power line into the house came down (something my mate Sid, nags me about) I would be locked in. If I parked her out the back, and the gum trees came down I would also be locked in. I parked her on the street. The potential of being damaged by flying branches high. So, it is with great relief nothing of note has happened at Chez Cath.

I am impressed with the way this storm was managed. The kiddies were all sent home from school at 1pm. Everyone was organised to tidy up their properties. And, Margaret River from about 3pm was very, very quiet. Very eerie. No cars, only the sound of the occasional pelting shower.
Margaret River is not, just all about the sea and surf, we have the most beautiful forests and walking trails. But, the trees are a danger in high winds. I would not have walked on any of our tracks in the last couple of days. You some times can't hear a branch break away.
Last night was fine. The power went off about 7pm. My friend Noofi called and said that she was watching the news in Perth and they said that the storm was due to hit Margs about 'now'! As she said the word 'now'... the power went off (only for about 4 hours). It was my cue to go to bed. And, the dogs and I heard the occasional thunder rumble and apart from being woken by an overjoyed possum romping on the roof.... that was it. Almost 12 hours sleep. Time to go and check the rest of the town out.

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