Friday, June 15, 2012

Shed Envy

Well, not many people know, but I'm a 'shed girl'! I so would love a big shed. I would put the gym gear, all the box's of stuff one collects, have an area with a work bench and my tools for 'making stuff' or just fluffin around. Also, a place for all the gardening gear, I do love my new Ryobi 36v Lithium Ion lawn mower. Oh, and I would also put the car in there.

Dropping some stuff off at my mates place the other day, couldn't help but take a photo of his newly constructed wood shed. How is this for organised!? Well done. You should see his shed!!!? Envy, envy!

'THE Wood Shed'! Note the limestone blocks.
 While we are in the envy mode, how is this cubby house at my girlfriends house?
You could live in that?!

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