Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Journey, Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel

Good Morning,

Arrived last night. And, thrilled with my hotel. The Fullerton Hotel (remember I am not paid for my blog), very nice. It is the old post office and obviously it has had a major restoration. I thought perhaps it could be a little dated or perhaps a bit daggy. Oh no,, very nice. very happy. The lobby is massive with spectacular stone columns (that I actually wanted to hug, like my oak tree in Margaret River - tragic, I know). Haven't been game to do it. I normally plant a big pink lipsticky kiss on my oak tree, but not sure how the concierge would appreciate lipstick on his stonework.
The Fullerton Hotel Main Lobby
I love the old colonial architecture, and the Fullerton has done a lovely job of creating a feeling of opulence whilst still respecting the building itself. The location is fantastic. It is on the waterfront, overlooking Marina Bay. Very central. Lots of places to walk to. A beautiful infinity pool. The gym open for 24 hours.
The view from my window, looking out to the Marina Bay Sands, if you click on that photo to enlarge it, you will see the garden on top of that building. For $25 SNG you can visit the sky garden and enjoy the pool and bar.
I am only spending two nights here. Meeting my friend from kindergarden today. We haven't seen each other since then either.... that's almost 50 years ago!?  But, he is my very first friend, ever. So! I wonder if we will recognise each other?
View from my room last night
There is so much to do and see. The Fullerton has the option of joining the Straits Club. I took up that option as I find that when you are travelling on your own, it kinda makes you feel like you are 'one of the family', and opens up other areas to hang 'in house'. They have a Club Lounge, where an American buffet breakfast is served and complimented with 'unlimited champagne' - from 6am to 11am!!!! It sounds fab, but I am going to have another cup of tea, go to the gym for an extended session to make up for all the nuts and sitting I did yesterday, and then go loll in the pool. Yeah baby!!! THEN, I am meeting Kenneth!!!

See ya..

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