Monday, July 2, 2012

The Journey, Singapore, Old Friends

Aahhh! Very lovely. A special encounter with my friend from kindergarden in Singapore. I was spoilt with a long, long, long buffet lunch. Oh dear, I think it was about, what I 'didn't' eat, as opposed to what I 'did' eat!
The Fullerton Hotel's pool
Kenneth and I found we had a lot in common, good food being one of them. It was a huge buffet and offering all sorts of diverse foods that Singapore is famous for. So we spent hours, quietely, trying small tastings of what seemed like 'everything'. And, yep the diet went out the window.
Looking beyond the Singapore River to the Marina Bay Sands, The Fullerton Hotel on the right
We conjured the dynamic of many years gone by. I felt like I was sitting in the kindergarden's playground with my friend, eating play lunch. It was fun. We talked about our loved ones and what we have been doing for our 53 years. Thank you for a lovely lunch Kenneth, and perhaps it wont be another 47 years before we can enjoy lunch together and perhaps, then, we will get to meet the people who are important in our lives.
Looking up the Singapore River

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