Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Humble Thank You

Good Morning,
Looking north over Smiths Beach, South West of Australia, it was sooo good to come home! Compare and contrast inner city Hong Kong. You can almost see those beautiful -ions in this photo!
Well, it's a 'wet and woolly' morning in Margaret River. I'm still in my little cuff foot casts, teetering around the shack in my big, black, fluffy dressing gown and my big, black, fluffy ugg boots. Miss Dish and I have been quietly healing, on many levels, foot surgery, the death of Miss Peri and a couple of other issues. I haven't felt much like writing. Cracked up rereading some of my blog/Facebook posts that were written under the influence of the anaesthetic, hilarious, but potentially dangerous, so decided to leave it all for a bit.
The GoGo Mobeel, Peri, Dish and Moi, South Beach Doggy Beach.
The Universe has been looking after me in regard to 'life lessons'. I think major lessons for me have been, to not only understand, but 'feel' what it is like to be disabled. I have been so independent, always wanting to do things for other people and seldom accepting the help from others. I have been so humbled in these days, as I have been overwhelmed by people offering support. It makes me so teary to think of that heart felt giving. People I don't even know, offer to go out of their way to help me. People who are close to me, have dropped every thing to give me a hand. I am so grateful and appreciative, please, everyone, accept my deepest gratitude & thanks.
These are the little, removeable, cuff, fiberglass casts, just after they were put on in Hong Kong by Dr Wu. I have to wear these for 3 months, night and day. Only a month and a half to go!
I have written and re written this 'Thank You' in my mind, many times. I wanted to mention everyone individually, but, I just could not put anyone in front or behind another. People have gone, above and beyond the call of duty, that includes my closest friends and family, to taxi drivers, to people I don't know stopping in their cars to allow me cross the road in my trusty 'gogo mobeel' (read mobility scooter). For many, random acts of kindness and for others, deliberate acts of love.

I am over awed by how amazing and wonderful life is. How lucky am I to have this opportunity to have this surgery in the first place and then, how lucky am I to have the support to 'logistically' make it happen. I could not have done this with out the help that I have received.
Peri & Cath, 2003, Eagle Bay. Peri would have about 3, she loved swimming.  Im 'not' telling you how old I would have been!
As I write this, I find myself in an amazing country, Australia. In the beautiful community and environs of Margaret River. In a cosy, protective nest/cottage, I call home. I have the cuddles of my beautiful dog, Miss Dish, and, we have been blessed this morning with the company of Miss Harriot, a mate of Dish's from down the road. I can 'feel' the love from people not present. Hugs and love. Cath
The very last photo taken of Peri. She also loved balls.

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