Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bunions, 7 Weeks On

Gosh, the surgery was only 7 weeks ago, The casts are on for another 5 weeks...! Oh dear... Just fantasising about swimming in the sea...

The last xrays, last week were very good, apparently, looks good to me, amazing actually.
August, 2012 Xrays, lookin good! :)
Have been back in Margs a couple of weeks. It's beautiful down here. Wild and woolly weather at the moment. A cold front came through this morning and hit the Capes around 0430, gusting up to 45 knots. I didn't hear a thing. Have been sleeping like a baby, very surprising actually, as I am not doing anything physical to make me tired. Although... managed to drive out to the beach, (a big deal, 5th time I have driven in 3 months!) pull a few weeds and cook myself dinner. Last week the brain kicked in a bit more and I managed to sort my whole computer system. Feel super happy about that.
Today, out at Main Break looking south
Have also been hooning around in my GoGo Mobeel (GGM). So pleased that Coles will let me scooter around their aisles. Even took a llllooong drive out to the light industrial area on the said scooter. Miss Dish was thrilled. When she was done walking and sniffing, she hopped aboard to enjoy the ride. After picking a piece of cut galvanised steel from Adam, we encountered a rather large, untethered rottweiler who decided to alert us to the fact that we were on his territory. Lucky he stopped shy of attacking us.... whoa... a close call, and obviously he was off his leash because his owners trust that he is an intelligent and trusty dog.

Met another large shaggy dog, along the track, I got the giggles up as the GoGo Mobeel doesn't do the gravel very well. As in the words of Elvis - shaking all over... toooo funny. Any way, this dog was not happy with us being in his area either, all is hackles went up, his head dropped below his shoulders and his ears flat!! Puck!!! It was all excitement.
Main Break, today, so windy.. 'it's enough to blow the froth off your beer '(or latte in my case)!

Some of the Margaret River highlights;

A huge thank you to my mate, Alvin. (not sure about that pseudonym/alter ego!) I would not have got back to Margs without him, driving up, packing me, Dish and the GoGo Mobeel up, getting us home, unloading same. Building me a ramp up to the front verandah for the GoGo Mobeel, and then making sure I was able to drive up, and down it safely. Many meals. Crab Pasta, Penko cooked seafood; squid, blue swimmer crabs, whiting, all with home made tartare sauce. All caught and prepared by him, personally. YYYYum.  Other jobs, like making sure the hot water was working. Digging out the dirt from under the gate to make sure I could open it far enough to get the GGM out. Thank you, big time.
Voyager Estate, August 2012
Lunch at Voyager Estate with Angela. Great company. Love what they have done out there. I like the way they have set up the new tasting area. Very sophisticated. We had a great lunch. And, I enjoyed a glass of their 'Girt By Sea'. One of my favourites.
Voyager Estate, I love these gardens
Birthday dins for Miss D at Morries, the newy in the main street of Margaret River. What a lovely evening with lovely folk. Fabulous. I had a pork cutlet with parmesan, herb crust... yum. Love the decor. The staff were very attentive and efficient. Well done AJ and team. I was heckled by my mates as I drove off down the street on the GGM! Unfortunately Miss D is soooo much younger than Moi, Happy Birthday Darlin. And, a big thank you here also, D would have caught a bus to Perth and driven me back down in my car also. Another 'above and beyond the call of duty'. Thank you, also, for collecting all my mail and visiting and....

Dins at Noofi's always a lovely evening with friends. A lovely friend also. Thank you for your support and fabulous cooking.
One of Miss D's fluffy family
Watching the footy with Miss D, family and friend Steve (Lorraines - Steve) with pizza, beer and red wine. Lorraine drove my car from Fremantle to Margs. Half way down, the fuel gauge dropped out and gave her a showing of a totally empty fuel tank. (We both freaked out)  A huge thank you Lorraine, and Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

And, another big thank you to Sid and his little girlies for mowing my lawn whilst I was away. Wonderful.
Voyager Estate, looking down, through the front gates. Winter, August 2012

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