Sunday, October 28, 2012

Incapacitated, Issues, Isolation

Bumpity, Bumpity, Bump,

Whoa! That, the last 4 months, has been some ride! Amazing, when 'one', is physically, not, going 'no where', that 'one' experiences such an amazing journey!
Margaret River, Main Break, this week, some one pulled the plug out!
Incapacitated, knobbled, shackled.... what ever, not good for a person like myself who has 'ants in her pants', always doing, walking, swimming, something. The last 3 and half months have been taken up with the body repairing itself. I frankly didn't think the feet were such a big deal, and I also underestimated how much we rely on them.
Dish, guarding the house & waiting for the rabbits
The freaking out I did, before my bunion operation, was that I did have 'some' idea about how important feet were. (But, I truly didnt 'get' it) In the few years sailing around our vast coastline, I loved to read stories of Australian history. There were many stories of shipwrecks that have been etched into my memory... The survivors cast adrift. Some found themselves floating aimlessly at sea with no provisions. Searching for things to eat they would some times eat their shoes, which were made of leather. Not the most appetising or healthy, but after attempts to catch a seagull or nibble on the dinghy timber it was a better option than cannibalising your mate! (erky perky!). OK, so what then happened, was, that after having eaten your shoes, you find yourself washed up and castaway on a remote island with a couple of rabbits, goats and nesting birds (if your lucky), fish swimming in the shallows. You only have what you are wearing, if you haven't already eaten it, your feet are all sore and rotten from now being waterlogged and sunburned. You had probably tried to eat your toe nails as well, and even decided that a little bit of meat off your own toes wouldn't hurt (but did). Any way, I digress. Starving, dehydrated, you attempt to make your way around the island to find and catch food, but, your poor little feet aren't doing so well. As you limp about, you spy some tasty morsel occupied by nibbling on some grass, your mind focuses on the said prey and you make a dash for it... ooops the feet.... bugger, tripped over that fuqn rock, went 'arse over tit' and, now have bleeding feet, elbows, hands and a broken nose. Puck!!! You're thinking, that's ok, we just pick ourselves up and give it another crack! But, what you didn't figure, was that, all that sitting around, suntanning yourself, in an adrift, leaky dinghy with your dead mate (at best, you probably only ate his toes nails, as well), was that your newly exposed feet already had all this bacteria quietly attacking them, and a few open cuts later, the feet have got huge infections, which turn septic and long before you know it, end of story, your dead!!!!!
Looking South of Gnarabup this week
This is the scenario that has stuck in my mind. I had also heard of all those horrible stories about the 'super bugs' in hospitals. And, what doesn't help, is that after being in a hospital in Hong Kong or any where else overseas, that the Australian hospitals want you to be swabbed and tested for Golden Staph' if you are to walk back in through their front door! I was tested, and, am clear, thank goodness. But, the reality, you can lose a limb/life if you pick up one of the many 'super bugs'. I know I am a scare monger'er, but apparently that is the 'survivor' coming out in me. So, I was worried about a few things!
This beautiful Kangaroo with a joey in her pouch patiently waited for me to take my photos. Taken @ Every Day Potted Plants property, south of Witchcliffe
Issues, they are many at the mo' and I will keep them, respectfully to myself. But, having to euthanise my beautiful dog, Peri, was at the top of the 'hard' list.
This Emu also spotted @ Every Day Potted Plants property
Isolation. It's a 'Catch 22', you need some time on your own to recover. But, you also need  what ever your measure is, of human contact. I did fall into depression. I am actually a qualified Counsellor, non practicing. I should know what the signs are, and how to over come it. But, it is hard to know when you are in it yourself. I wouldn't be writing this today if I hadn't have stopped my fall in to the 'downward spiral'! Climbing back out; stopped using the anti-inflammatories, which were fabulous, but zoned me out. Giving the woobla (wine) a break until I have lost weight and have done my end of year tax. Have taken in, a lovely, young, French couple to help me with the garden and the house. And, that was a great idea. Couldn't have done it till now, as I need to be able to walk a bit. It is 'pushing' me. The 3 hours I have with them in the morning is great, but exhausting. So, all good.
Margaret River mouth, reduced to a trickle already.
And, I couldn't have done it without my mates, again, THANK YOU! XXXOOO
Cowslip Orchids @ my friend Noofi's
And, a big cuddly THANK YOU to my dog Dish, she has been fantastic. After losing Peri, she has come to the fore. Has turned into 'Super Guard Dog', the 'Rabbit Slayer' (poor rabbits) and 'Super Cuddler', my shadow. 
Lemon blossom @ Noofi's, you can almost smell their perfume!
I feel like I'm 'on the flip side' this morning. I am starting to feel like I can walk heel to toe, and a little faster. Normally, around lunch time my toes feel like they are recovering from being broken for a week, and I am exhausted. But, I am feeling great within myself. I 'think' I have a few brain cells starting to fire again. So watch out! Wishing everyone a fabulous day. The sun is shining here in Margaret River, it's going to be about 25C. The crew are yet to wake up, Dish is snoring on the bed, I have a cup of lovely Yahava (Romeo #5)  home brewed coffee, and I have written my first blog in ages, it feels wonderful. Chow for now. Cath

PS found a great website that identifies frogs in the south west, it also has an audio of the frogs calling. WA Frog Watch
Noofi's Motorbike Frogs - I just adore frogs, these are cousins of my frog in my vege patch, Cyril!

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